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30 Queries in 30 Days – Freelance Writing Challenge

If you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut with marketing your services, why not try a freelance writing challenge to mix things up or motivate you to try something different? I’m a big fan of challenges. I set one or more writing challenges for myself almost every month. And today I’d like to suggest one that could bring you a few new freelance writing … read more

Have your clients ever accused you of plagiarism?

Hi all! For 5+ years of freelance writing, I worked with different clients: naive, awkward, dishonest, leary, and just wonderful. I did my best proofreading and editing before sending texts but never bothered about plagiarism issues: wrote articles from scratch, didn’t steal content, and was sure my texts were original… But lately, one client returned my text and said he couldn’t accept it because the … read more

Is $100 a Day Enough?

I keep seeing blogs and forum posts that promise “You too can make $100 a day freelancing!” as though doing so is the greatest accomplishment a new writer could achieve. While it’s a place to start, I think it’s a low place to start. It makes us lazy — the “all you need to do is” approach to freelancing generally sends writers right to the … read more

Best advice for those just starting out?

What advice do you think would be helpful for someone just starting out? Any common pitfalls that a beginner should avoid? I’m looking for any general advice you might have, but specifically I’m looking for tips on: 1) Generating ideas 2) Getting jobs 3) Marketing yourself 4) Setting rates (as a beginner) Thanks!

Pricing mobile app content

Hello to everyone, I’ve recently been contacted by a healthcare start-up company that wants me to write mobile app copy for their business. Without disclosing too many details of the project, he wants what appears to be a large number of screens initially – up to 15 detailed condition/treatment screens and things like a symptom checker, small summaries of what the condition could be, etc. … read more

Conflict of Interest

Every now and then I come across a client who, for whatever reason, is under the impression that previous work I did for a different client may cause a conflict of interest. Current situation — a magazine editor thinks my writing about Topic A for Client A would conflict with my writing Topic B for his magazine (which rarely publishes anything having to do with … read more

Those Jobs You Don’t Want

I’m well beyond the point in my career where I’ll take whatever comes. I’m to the point, in fact, where I won’t take a gig if it isn’t ideal. Here’s my top criteria for even talking to a client about a gig: It has to appeal to me The pay has to be ideal The job can’t suck up most of my time The client … read more

Blog Post Length vs Number of Shares

I blame the PR background, but I’ve always been bothered by statistics. You see, in PR, you’re taught how to use and manipulate data to make specific points. And that’s not a kind of PR I wanted to take part in. What’s worse, however, is when I see bloggers take data and pass along misinformation about what that data really says. In most cases, it’s not … read more

“Bloggers” Who Don’t Actually Blog Anymore (or at Least Not Much)

I’m just curious. Has anyone else noticed the trend where “big” bloggers seem to be blogging less and less while relying on guest posts more and more? Does that bother anyone else? In some cases it feels like the original blogger isn’t a blogger at all anymore, even though that’s the persona they maintain. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with deciding that you’d … read more

A Freelance Writing Job Board Warning

I wanted to warn you about a new site called Contena (not actively linking to them because I don’t consider them worth any link juice). I first heard about this site over on Sophie Lizard’s forum at The owners are billing it as some sort of much-needed tool for searching multiple job boards in one place. But to do this, they’re illegally scraping full … read more