Resources for Freelance Writers

This page contains links to all of the free and premium resources for freelance writers I’ve developed or commissioned so far. All of these tools and templates are available exclusively through All Freelance Writing (with the exception of a few being highlighted on other Web properties I own). You can’t get them from anyone else.

Premium Writing Resources

The 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp

This e-book guides freelance writers through the first 30 days of their platform-building plan.

Freelance Writer Directory

Add your profile to the professional freelance writer directory to help.

Free Writing Community Resources

Freelance Writing Job Board

Browse the latest freelance writing jobs for free or subscribe to get job leads in your favorite feed reader.

Writers' Market Directory

Find paying freelance writers' markets to pitch including magazines, blogs, and more.

Freelance Writing Blog

Find a wealth of freelance writing advice, tips, and more in the blog archives.

Free Writing Advice

Get your own writing questions answered on the All Freelance Writing blog or in a podcast episode.

Freelance Writing Podcast

Listen to the writing podcast archives (under the former All Indie Writers brand).

Free E-books & Reports

Write and Publish an E-book in Just 14 Days

Learn how to write and publish a short .pdf e-book to sell or give away as a marketing tool.

Press Releases Made Easy

Learn how to write and distribute effective press releases for your writing business.

Attract New Clients (Even During a Recession)

Calculate existing conversions or figure out how many sales you need to make to reach your conversion goals.

Writing Challenge Resources

30 Blog Posts in 30 Days Tracker

Use this tracker to keep track of your monthly blog post schedule.

30 Queries in 30 Days Tracker

This tracker can help you reach a goal of writing a query letter each day for 30 days.

30 Guest Post Pitches in 30 Days Tracker

Pitch 30 guest post ideas in 30 days using this tracker and challenge.

30 Flash Fiction Stories in 30 Days Tracker

Focus on flash fiction with this monthly challenge and tracking worksheet.

Write Every Day Challenge Tracker

This tracker worksheet can help you get into the habit of writing every day.

Monthly Word Count Goal Tracker

Set your own monthly word count goal and use this worksheet to stay on track.

Free Tools & Calculators for Writers

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate the average hourly rate you need to charge to reach your income and savings goals.

Keyword Density Analyzer

This keyword density analyzer was created specifically for writers, emphasizing both SEO and readability.

Word Count Tracker

Use this tool to track and share progress on your projects, during NaNoWriMo or any time.

Free Worksheets, Templates & More

Press Release Template

Use this template to help you write press releases for your clients or your own news.

Case Study Worksheet

This worksheet can help you outline key elements of client case studies.

White Paper Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you lay out key points before writing client white papers.

Goal / Progress Evaluation Worksheet

Use this worksheet for monthly / quarterly / yearly progress checks on your goals.

Goal Planning Worksheet

Map out an action plan to reach any writing or personal goal.

15-Minute Book Marketing Tactics

Learn how to market your book in just 15 minutes a day with this tip sheet.

41 Types of Content to Promote Your Biz

Promote your writing business with these 41 types of content marketing tools.

Action Plan Template for Writers & Bloggers

Download this free action plan template to help you reach your writing goals.

Author Website Content Checklist

Find out what an author website should include, and get author blog post ideas.

Blog Business Plan Template

Create a blog business plan with this free downloadable template.

Book Marketing Plan Outline

Use this book marketing plan outline to help you sell more books.

HTML Cheat Sheet

Learn HTML basics for your freelance web content and blog posts.

Monthly Marketing Calendar

Plan your monthly marketing activities with this free calendar.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

Download a free Markdown cheat sheet in this post on blogging with Scrivener.

One Page Business Plan Template

Create a short-form business plan with this one page business plan template.

One Page Marketing Plan Template

Quickly outline your marketing plan with this free one page template.

One Page Project Planner

Use this free worksheet to plan new projects, like a blog launch.

Press Release Template for Book Launch

This is a simple press release template you can adapt to any book launch.

Scrivener Case Study Template

Use this template to write case studies in Scrivener, for yourself or for clients.

Scrivener Template for Multiple Blogs

Manage the content of multiple blogs in Scrivener with this free template.

Scrivener Template for a Single Blog

Manage a single blog's content in Scrivener with this template.

Scrivener White Paper Template

Write white papers in Scrivener for yourself or for clients with this template.

SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Conduct a SWOT analysis to examine your competitive strengths, weaknesses, and more.

Target Market Planner

Use this worksheet to narrow down your target market as a writer.