Free Case Study Worksheet

for Freelance Writers

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate results of your work. As a freelance writer, for example, you might publish case studies tied to the improved conversions clients saw with your copywriting. Or they might highlight the increased shares on a client’s content when you started blogging for them.

Your freelance writing clients might also hire you to write case studies showcasing their own successes to appeal to the kinds of clients they hope to attract.

Either way, writing case studies is an important skill for many freelance writers to pick up. This free case study worksheet can help you map them out and ask the right questions of clients before you write any case study.

This Case Study Worksheet Can Help You:

  • Write case studies for your own professional website.
  • Learn basic elements of writing case studies as a freelance project type.
  • Quickly outline your freelance writing clients' case studies before writing them.