Books & E-books

Below you can find all of my currently available books for writers. You can find e-books in my Query-Free Freelancer series, followed by a collection of free e-books I offer for download.

Query-Free Freelancer  Series

30 Day Boot Camp for Freelance Writers30 Day Marketing Boot Camp for Freelance Writers - $9.97

Based on a previous blog post series, this e-book takes a very proactive approach to helping new freelance writers begin building their professional platforms. By the time you work through the boot camp content, you will have a simple professional website, your first free e-book release, your first paid e-book release, two virtual blog tours, and more working toward attracting clients. And you can do it all in just 30 days.

Free E-books

How to Write an E-book in Just 14 Days

This e-book is designed to help the reader write, publish, and market their own e-book — one they either plan to sell or give away for free as a marketing tool. It includes background articles to help the reader first understand the e-book publishing process, and then takes them through a 14-day e-book writing plan from concept to launch. (Please note: This guide focuses on traditional .pdf "information product" e-books and not the Amazon style self publishing process.)

You CAN Attract New Freelance Writing Clients (Even During a Recession)

This report is designed to explain why many freelance writers actually grow their businesses during recessions, while offering tips for strategic changes that keep new clients coming regardless of a slow economy.

Press Releases Made Easy

Whether you want to learn how to write press releases for clients or to promote your own news, this e-book offers guidance on how to write press releases and use Web-based distribution to build exposure.