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02/19/2024 Freelance War and Military Writer Blogging / Web Content Writing $250 - 500 (SEMI-PRO)
01/31/2024 Freelance Medical Content Reviewer Editing / Proofreading $100 - 250 (SEMI-PRO)

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New Year Goals vs Focus – All Freelance Writing in 2024

In the more than 17 years All Freelance Writing has been around, I’ve often shared my New Year’s resolutions, goals, and plans with you. Some years are successes. Some years go far off-track. And most are a mixed bag. But this year, I’m doing something a little bit different: exploring…

80 AI Use Cases for Freelance Writers

We’ve talked about how AI could impact the freelance writing industry, how AI can lead to plagiarism problems, and even the best way freelance writers can make money with AI. Now it’s time to explore the many different AI uses cases that could impact your freelance writing business. We’ll look…

The Best Way to Use AI to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

We’ve looked at the impact AI content could have on the freelance writing industry, ethical AI issues you need to be aware of, and specific AI writing tools you can try. Now it’s time to move on to the fun stuff. What better place to start than the absolute best…

4 AI Writing Tools for Freelance Writers

We’ve talked about whether or not AI writing tools are coming for your job as a freelance writer. We’ve explored some of the legal and ethical AI concerns you and your clients should be aware of. Now let’s look at some examples of generative AI tools you can test right…

Ethical AI: Legal & Ethical Considerations for Writers & Publishers

Will they, or won’t they? That’s the question many writers and publishers face right now—whether or not they’re willing to publish AI content or use AI tools in their businesses. They have legal and ethical AI concerns. And that’s fair. Are there ways to engage in ethical AI use in…

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