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Hire freelance writers for your next copywriting, blogging, web content writing, or other freelance writing project. Post a job ad below for just $19.95 for 30 days to reach professional writers in the 10-year All Freelance Writing community.

Know exactly what you need and want to reach out to an established freelancer immediately? Browse the freelance writer directory and find the writing partner you're looking for without the wait or hassle of sorting through applications.

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Please choose the pay rate range that best describes your budget on a per article, per page, or per project basis (Note: only larger single projects should have per project budgets listed -- such as a white paper; grouping several low pay articles into one larger project budget is not acceptable, and I reserve the right to reject those ads or alter the budget information to reflect the per article or per page rate).
Please describe this freelance writing job and what you would expect of candidates (whether this is a one-off or ongoing job, word count requirements, etc.).
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The current rate for a standard 30 day job ad is $19.95. You will be taken to Paypal to process your order.
Terms and conditions: There is a fee of $19.95 for a standard job posting on this job board. Approved job ads are valid for 30 days. All ads are manually reviewed for approval within 24 business hours of submission. All Freelance Writing's owner or representatives reserve the right to reject any freelance writing job ad for any reason. While this site does not place specific pay limits on gigs posted, job ads from certain types of companies with a history of exploiting freelance writers will not be accepted. These include but are not limited to content mills/farms, essay writing firms, and any client demanding writers submit custom unpaid samples to be considered for a freelance writing gig (any custom samples required for consideration must be paid). Job postings dealing with hate, gambling, payday loans, drugs, alcohol, or anything else deemed inappropriate for this site may also be rejected on a case-by-case basis. Listings will not be published until payments have been made. If you pay for an ad and it doesn't meet requirements as detailed above, you will receive a refund. If you have questions about these terms, please contact jenn@allfreelancewriting.com.

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