Free Press Release Template

for Freelance Writers

If you’re interested in learning about a new freelance writing project you can offer clients, or you’re looking for more visibility for your own news, learning how to write press releases can help.

This press release template was designed to be a starting place. It not only shows you the basic news release format, but explains how to structure your story to get the most important information across first.

As a former PR firm owner (and still a PR consultant part-time), I’ve used press releases just like this to secure coverage for my clients and myself everywhere from blogs to major news outlets, and plenty of niche markets in between.

This Press Release Template Can Help You:

  • Learn how to write press releases.
  • Quickly outline and write news releases as a freelance writing service.
  • Write press releases to promote your own news (like a book launch tied to your professional platform or the release of a new survey or report in your specialty industry).