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I look forward to hearing from you, but to make sure your message gets the attention it deserves, please choose from the following options and follow the contact instructions when applicable.

I believe in doing what I can to help my readers when they have questions about their writing careers. I also believe that we can all learn a lot from each other and I believe many newer writers share some of the same questions and concerns. Because of this, I’m willing to take time out of my day to answer your questions to the best of my ability whenever possible.

In exchange, I might publish those questions and my responses on the blog (although you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer). I’ve set up a special free writing advice submission form for all writing-related or writing business-related questions. Please visit that page and use that form for those inquiries.

Don’t want your name included in the public post? Just check the box near the bottom of the submission form and you’ll remain completely anonymous.

Due to the never-ending barrage of ill-targeted guest posts that fail to follow the guidelines previously laid out here, All Freelance Writing no longer accepts guest post submissions. Exceptions may occasionally be made for authors I know personally or individuals I invite here, but no further pitches will be considered. If you send them, they will receive neither review nor response.

While I appreciate your interest in wanting to purchase advertising space at All Freelance Writing, I do not currently accept traditional private advertisements on this site. I also do not accept sponsored content requests.

The only forms of direct advertising I accept are job board listings on the All Freelance Writing Job Board and writer profiles in the Freelance Writer Directory.

Please note, job listings may not be purchased to promote bidding marketplaces or general freelance writer groups / collectives / other job boards / etc. And writer profiles will only be accepted for individual freelance writers — not agencies / sites for freelance writers / marketplaces / etc. 

Please also do not pitch me on your affiliate promotions unless we’ve had a prior professional relationship.

Who should (and shouldn’t) tell me about their affiliate program?

  • Are you a colleague who knows me and you’re releasing a new book for freelancers and you’d like me to be an affiliate? Go ahead and tell me about it — though no promises.
  • Are you with a company I’ve actively promoted before on my own and you’d like to tell me about your new affiliate program because I’m already a brand advocate? Have at it.
  • Are you with a company I’ve never promoted or used before and you want me to promote something of yours? Please don’t pitch me.

Your best bet if you want something promoted here is to do something good in the community. I’ll very likely hear about it and decide on my own if I consider it worth testing and promotion. Given my PR background, I don’t look kindly on pushy, entitled self-promotion or poorly-targeted pitches. 

I am extremely selective about affiliate programs I’m willing to promote, and I promote a very limited number of affiliate offers on this site. If you want me to invest time in promoting something you’re associated with, you need to go about it in a professional manner. Begging, nagging, or otherwise becoming a pain in my ass (like whining about a competitor receiving coverage) will get you nowhere.

And please… have the sense to see if I’ve talked about companies like yours here before pitching me anything. If you do, you’ll know there’s absolutely no chance of me promoting certain types of business, such as freelance bidding marketplaces, online courses from insta-expert types in business only a few years, and content mills.

Still want to tell me about your affiliate program? Use the contact form below.

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You can submit your writers’ market using the form at the link below. Please note you must have public writers’ guidelines on your website to have your market included. Your market must also be a paying market, with that disclosed in your guidelines. Keep your summaries short. They generally run a single paragraph here. They are not full profile listings. They’re brief summaries that link to your own published guidelines. I reserve the right to edit the summaries before approving listings.

Submit your writers’ market.

You’re welcome to request a review, but I’ll warn you up front the answer is almost always going to be “no.” It’s not that I don’t want to review your awesome whatever-it-is. I’m simply too busy to read every book pitched to me and test every product and service I’m asked to. Reviews are not a key part of All Freelance Writing, and what I do review, I generally find on my own.

Please also note, while this site used to cover indie publishing issues, that is no longer the case. I occasionally receive review requests from indie authors asking me to review their various fiction and nonfiction. Indie book reviews in this sense is not something I’ve ever done here, so please don’t send those requests. Review requests must specifically be of value to freelance writers. 

Please do not mail physical review materials until after you’ve emailed me to confirm I’m open to a review. Use the form below to email me and, if approved, I’ll provide a mailing address if necessary.

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If you’re looking for a professional blogger or freelance business writer, I’m available for hire. You can learn more on my professional site at

If you’re looking to hire freelance writers in general, you’re welcome to post a job ad on the All Freelance Writing job board.


I do not accept any form of link request. The surest way to make sure I never link to your site or product here is to outright ask me for links.

I do not add links on request. I do not sell links. I do not trade links. I do not care if your competitor is linked to in a blog post here and you think you deserve to be included. I do not care if you find an outdated link and think yours is a good substitute. I’m well aware of these SEO link building tactics, and they are not welcome here. Ever.

Thank you for your interest in reaching my readers. But right now I’m not accepting any joint promotion requests, and I do not generally promote things on-request. In particular, I won’t promote courses from any writer I don’t know very well personally (if you’re one of those few, you wouldn’t be trying to reach me through this contact page). I also won’t promote anything offering freelance writing career advice from anyone who hasn’t proven they can run their own sustainable business for at least five years, and I never promote writing contests. Please don’t ask me to.

Please review common requests above before using this form to make sure your message gets to the right place. Inquiries about guest posts, link requests, and market submissions sent using this form won’t receive a response.

If you have questions about anything not covered above, you can use this contact form to reach me.

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