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Free Writing Advice / Reader Questions

I believe in doing what I can to help my readers when they have questions about their writing careers. I also believe that we can all learn a lot from each other and I believe many newer writers share some of the same questions and concerns. Because of this, I'm willing to take time out of my day to answer your questions to the best of my ability whenever possible.

In exchange, I might publish those questions and my responses on the blog (although you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer). I've set up a special free writing advice submission form for all writing-related or writing business-related questions. Please visit that page and use that form for those inquiries.

Don't want your name included in the public post? Just check the box near the bottom of the submission form and you'll remain completely anonymous.

For Everything Else

You can email Jenn Mattern using the contact form below if you have any questions or comments related to All Freelance Writing.

Please do NOT:

  1. Email me a guest post pitch. These emails will not get a response. Please use the guest post submission form instead.
  2. Send me press releases (unless you know me personally) -- they'll be deleted.
  3. Send me unsolicited review materials (most items received are never reviewed -- ask if I'm interested and have time first please; I don't want you to waste your resources).
  4. Tell me you have an awesome article for freelancers and ask me to promote it -- I won't.
  5. Request a link exchange.
  6. Ask me to mention your event, website, product, course, etc. I almost never do this on request. You would have to be someone I know extremely well for me to even consider it. And even then the answer is probably going to be "no." Most products and services featured here are things I've found on my own and have used in my own business (or at least tested).
  7. Ask to purchase ads on this site. I do not currently offer any private advertising opportunities on All Freelance Writing.
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