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The weekly All Freelance Writing Podcast is where I try to answer your questions about making a real living as a freelance writer, professional blogger, or indie author.

Whether you're looking to move from hobbyist to professional writer / publisher or you want to grow or improve upon your existing professional writing business, my goal is to help you make that happen.

All Freelance Writing Podcast with Jennifer Mattern

Episode Archive

1Hiring Book Marketing Professionals10/23/2014
2Building Demand for Your Freelance Writing Services11/06/2014
3Dealing With Negative Book Reviews (Authors Attacking Reviewers) w/ Guest Co-Host, Princess Jones11/20/2014
4Blogging Q&As from the All Freelance Writing Community12/04/2014
5Taking a Break From Your Blog12/18/2014
6Blog Revenue Streams1/08/2015
7Everyday Marketing for Freelance Writers w/ Guest Co-Host, Lori Widmer1/22/2015
8Getting Started in Freelance Blogging2/12/2015
9Freelance Ghostwriting w/ Guest Co-Host, Cathy Miller2/19/2015
10Author Blogging & "Faking it 'til You Make It" as a Freelance Writer3/12/2015
11Branding for Writers3/27/2015
12Ad-Supported Content & Blog Business Models4/17/2015
13Selling Your E-books Directly4/30/2015
14Blogging Myths & Misunderstandings5/14/2015
15Elance / Upwork Blogger Outreach Fail6/12/2015
16Writers Q&A Special #17/8/2015
17The Huffington Post & Media Outlets Not Paying Writers w/ Guest Co-Host, Lori Widmer3/31/2016
18Writing Motivation4/7/2016
19Fear & Confidence Issues Writers Face w/ Guest Co-Host Princess Jones4/14/2016
20Social Media & Personal Branding for Freelance Writers4/21/2016
21Writing Critiques for Friends & Colleagues4/29/2016
22Gender Anonymity & Pen Names5/5/2016
23Creative Teams for Professional Writers w/ Guest Co-Host, Jake Poinier5/12/2016
24Sticking to Self-Imposed Writing Deadlines5/19/2016
25Brainstorming Story Ideas in Real-Time w/ Guest Co-Host Kate M.5/26/2016
26Freelance Writing Niches & Specialization w/ Guest Co-Host, John Soares6/16/2016
27An Open Letter on Trust, "Experts," and Blogging6/20/2016
28The Importance of Owned Media w/ Guest Co-Host, Lori Widmer7/8/2016
29Staying Focused on Freelance Work During the Summer7/15/2016
30Sharing (and Over-Sharing) Personal Info Online as a Writer - Plus a Bonus Q&A Special w/ Guest Co-Host, Princess Jones7/22/2016
31Round Table Chat on the Changing Freelance Writing Industry (w/ Yolander Prinzel, Lori Widmer, & Cathy Miller)11/4/2016
32Writing Confidence & Dealing with Rejection (w/ Dann Alexander)11/17/2016
33The Insta-Expert Trend & Risks of False Authority (w/ Philippa Willitts)11/18/2016
34Freelance Blogging: Pay Rates, Finding Gigs, & More (w/ Sharon Hurley Hall)11/24/2016
35Combining Multiple Creative Pursuits Under a Single Brand12/02/2016
36Case Study Writing and Peter Bowerman’s Well-Fed Craft12/31/2016
372017 New Year’s Reflection and Planning (with Princess Jones)1/6/2017
38Publishing Freelance Rates, 6-Figure Writers, and 3rd Party Content Hosting1/13/2017

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Credits and Thanks: 

A big THANK YOU to Frank Prinzel for doing the voiceover work for the podcast's intro and outro. 

The music used in the intro and outro is from AudioJungle contributor, Flamich.

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