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Getting Started (or Starting Over): 3 Simple Tasks for Freelance Writers

Are you thinking about jumping into freelance writing for the first time in the New Year? Or are you thinking about starting over or making major changes in your freelance business? In either case, you still have a bit of time to get prepared so you don’t kick off 2018 feeling overwhelmed. I definitely fall in the latter group this year. To say nothing has … read more

Spring Cleaning for Freelance Writers

I spent time yesterday afternoon meandering around my gardens, taking in the scent of hyacinths while I looked in on some of my favorite flower beds. It was warm, after a rather chilly morning up here on the hill. And it hit me… It’s spring. Yes. I know it’s been spring for a while now. But with unseasonably late snowstorms flip-flopping with 70+ degree days, … read more

Paralyzing Fear and Creative Professions

Creative work is unlike any other job you could take on. When you create, you leave a piece of yourself behind for the world to see. There’s a certain amount of vulnerability involved. That vulnerability can make it difficult to separate you, the artist, from your art. And that can lead to paralyzing fear of sharing your work. If you’ve ever dreaded sharing a creative project for … read more