Keyword Density Analyzer

This keyword density analyzer was created with freelance writers and bloggers in mind. If you’re used to writing SEO Web content, you’re probably already familiar with keyword density analyzers. For those who aren’t familiar with them, a keyword density analyzer tells you how often a certain keyword or keyword phrase appears within your text. Some clients will request that certain keywords are used at a certain frequency within an article.

This tool is more than your typical keyword density analyzer though. It also serves as a word count tool (and you can even choose different settings to determine how many characters counts as a word for your purposes — for example, you can weed out one and two letter words by choosing a three-character minimum).

On top of that, the keyword density analyzer offers a feature many others do not, and one of particular importance to professional writers who are worried about actual readability and not just SEO. When you click the “show highlighted text” button at the bottom of the form, you can get a preview of your text with each keyword phrase highlighted in a different color. This allows you to go beyond the basic functionality of keyword density analyzers that look at overall density, and also look at where your keywords are being used. This gives you a visual idea of where your keywords are concentrated, which allows you to adjust their placement for better readability.

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