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Free MultiMarkdown Cheat Sheet

for Freelance Writers

When writing, especially for the web, you’ll need to format your content. But formatting content as you go can slow you down as you either write in HTML or have to stop typing to use built-in formatting buttons.

Enter MultiMarkdown. When you write in an application that supports MultiMarkdown, you can format your text as you type. You don’t have to remember code, and your fingers never have to leave the keyboard.

Where might you use markdown? Scrivener is one popular piece of writing software that allows you to use MultiMarkdown. And you can even enable markdown support in WordPress if you want to use it in blogging.

This MultiMarkdown Cheat Sheet Can Help You:

  • Remember markdown basics to speed up your writing in supported apps.
  • Format your writing as you type, without having to know HTML.
  • Read your rich formatted online content in plain English (or your language of choice) without trying to read around code.

Still not sure how you might use MultiMarkdown to write more efficiently? Learn more about using it in applications like Scrivener in Scrivener for Blogging: Why Scrivener is the Ultimate Blogging Tool.

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