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Writer Service Summary Specialty
Koyaana Redstar Fashion & Lifestyle Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Paul Sullivan Copywriter / Creative Director / Author / Editor / Madmen Business Writer / Copywriter
Deb Ingram Freelance Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Lainey Cooper Freelancer / Copywriter / Journalist / Creative Writing / Lifestyle / Travel / Parenting Other Freelance Writers
Matt Martellucci Entertainment Blogger/Editor Blogger / Web Content Writer
Aaron Steven Miller Freelance Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Zoe J. Katz Feature Writer, Content Creator, and Copywriter Specializing in History, Culture, and Solutions Journalism with a Strong Research Background Magazine Writer / Feature Writer / Journalist
Tatjana Kovacevic Seo Web Content Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Elaine Francis Medical and Health Writer Health or Medical Writer
Bill Newcott Award-Winning Magazine Writer (NatGeo, AARP The Magazine, Airline Travel Magazines) Magazine Writer / Feature Writer / Journalist
Barbara Abromitis Writer - Education, Grants and Fundraising Expertise Technical Writer
Henery X (long) Content Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
John Dabbs Freelance Writer Other Freelance Writers
Stacey Durnin Freelance Content Creator Blogger / Web Content Writer
Katie Salidas Author, Content Creator, Columnist, and Podcast Producer Magazine Writer / Feature Writer / Journalist
Melynda Malley Entertainment & Copywriter Business Writer / Copywriter
Richard Thomas Pallardy Jr. Science, politics, and arts writer with generalist capabilities --- open to all offers (white papers, marketing, etc.) Magazine Writer / Feature Writer / Journalist
Andreia Ferreira Relationship and lifestyle writer with a passion for fantasy Blogger / Web Content Writer
Alex Kelley Freelance writer for data science and machine learning Technical Writer
Mariah Wigg, PHR Content Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Michelle Knight Writing to make data, science and technology accessible and informative Blogger / Web Content Writer
kaleb monette Fitness Email Copywriter Business Writer / Copywriter
Trinity Garbutt SEO Web Content Writer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Lee Cooper Blog Writer & Content Marketer Blogger / Web Content Writer
Sarah Jo Lorenz Professional Freelance Writer and Editor in Multiple Industries and Fields Other Freelance Writers

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Are you tired of being bombarded with pitches from unqualified writers when you advertise on classified or bidding marketplaces? If you're looking to pull your next writer from a more professional pool, look no further.

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Most high paying freelance writing jobs are never publicly advertised. Clients frequently search for qualified writers independently. They find writers through referrals. Or they receive direct queries. Help those clients find you with a listing in our professional freelance writer directory.*

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