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Paying Markets Seeking Under-Represented Writers - All Freelance Writing

Competition for publication is not equal. Some of us have it easier than others. And some writers face challenges and prejudices others of us don't. If you are a member of a group of under-represented writers (based on race, gender, disability, etc.), this market list is for you.

Below you'll find a collection of publications, both print and online, specifically seeking pitches or submissions from under-represented groups of writers. You can learn more below, but know these market lists are always evolving, so if you don't find something that interests you today, check back later for additional markets or to see updates on the ones below.

What are Under-Represented Groups?

When I tag a new market as one seeking contributions or pitches from under-represented writers, in most cases they actively look to publish work from writers who identify as:

  • Women
  • LGBTQ+
  • Disabled

This might also include publications seeking work from older or otherwise retired writers or those from a disadvantaged socio-economic background.

If there are other under-represented groups you'd like to see included, you can leave a comment at the end of this page, and I'll keep that in mind as new markets are added.

About These Writers' Markets

As a reminder, all specialized writers' market lists here at All Freelance Writing pull markets from the site's broader market directory.

That means every time a new market is added to the database, and it's tagged as seeking contributions from groups of under-represented writers, it will automatically appear on this page. It also means this list will change any time a market is removed or updated.

If you have an interest in these types of writers' markets, please bookmark this page and check it periodically to see what's new.

You can help keep these lists up-to-date by clicking "report link" below a listed market if you discover they've shut down or changed the guidelines summarized here (such as pay rates). This will flag that market so it goes to the top of my review schedule and can be updated more quickly.

Markets Looking to Publish Under-Represented Writers

Below you can find summaries and links to full writers' guidelines for a variety of markets seeking pitches from under-represented writers.


Abilities is a Canadian cross-disability lifestyle magazine covering travel, health, careers, education, relationships, parent, social policy, and more. Honoraria range from $50-325 for professional submissions.

Submission Guidelines

ADDitude Magazine

This is a magazine addressing issues related to ADHD and learning disabilities. They accept submissions from journalists, mental health professionals, and those with first person stories to share. Payment is on publication. Articles are generally under 2000 words.

Submission Guidelines

Arkansas Soul

Arkansas Soul seeks to publish and amplify talented writers of color with content focused on BIPOC issues. General submissions, feature stories, personal essays, news stories, profiles, and interviews are all accepted.

Stories for Reimagine Arkansas run 500-2000 words and pay $150-300. Personal essays, first-person accounts, and op-eds run 750-2000 words and pay $100-250. Reported news stories run 500-1000 words and pay $150-250. Features run 1000-2000 words and pay $150-250. Profiles and interviews have a flexible word count and pay $150-250.

Submission Guidelines


Autostraddle is a progressively feminist online publication catering to lesbian, bisexual, and queer trans women. They also include content about and by non-binary individuals. Payments generally fall in the $80-200 range.

Submission Guidelines

Bitch Magazine

Bitch Magazine describes its content at "feminist analysis of culture." They accept features of 2200-3000 words (paying $700-1000 for print features), pay $350 for dispatches, and pay $250-700 for culture stories.

Submission Guidelines

Briarpatch Magazine

Briarpatch Magazine publishing work of political importance on topics such as grassroots activism, electoral politics, economic justice, labour, gender equity, indigenous struggles, and more. They accept submissions from new and experienced freelance writers alike. Pay is $150 for profiles, short essays, reviews, blog posts, and "parting shots" under 1500 words. Pay is $250 for feature stories and photo essays generally running 1500-2000 words. And pay is $350 for research-based articles and investigative reporting typically running 2000-2500 words.

Submission Guidelines

Broad Street Review

"Broad Street Review is an online arts and culture journal serving the greater Philadelphia area." They publish reviews, features, previews, profiles, and essays around theater, music, visual art, exhibitions, dance, books, film, television, and design. This includes pitches for personal essays tied to life in the Philadelphia area and those related to grassroots social and political efforts, the creative economy, and public spaces. Reviews run 500-850 words, essays 750-1000 words, and previews run 300-500 words. Fees are $50 for previews, profiles, and reviews up to $100 for some longer profiles and features. Payment covers first publication rights (exclusive for 30 days), then non-exclusive rights to maintain pieces in the publication's archive.

Submission Guidelines


DAME is a women-led, independent, reader-funded magazine. It accepts essays and reported features from freelance writers with a focus on journalism that is both accessible and intersectional. Pay is $350-750 for reported stories.

Submission Guidelines


Geez "is a discussion among people of spirit seeking social justice and dismantling of empire." This includes the creative critique of those in power, and the societal structures that keep them in that position such as colonialism, racism, patriarchy, wealth concentration, and police brutality. They accept pitches from writers, including poetry. Calls for pitches are posted prior to each issue, and they pay a modest honorarium to contributors.

Submission Guidelines


HowlRound accepts submissions to its journal from "contributors who are deeply invested in and committed to the theatre field." They accept pieces on theatre commoning, ideas that challenge the status quo, lesser-known or marginalized aesthetics, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility for under-represented theatre communities and practices, and theatre practice and process. They pay honorariums of $200 per essay.

Submission Guidelines


PDX.Vote is covering elections that impact Portland, Oregon-area residents (including state-level elections and elections happening in other parts of Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties). I’m looking for pitches for articles looking at Portland-area politics. Please send pitches through the contact form at

I’m especially interested in pitches that cover important issues and how upcoming elections may or may not impact those issues. Some issues I’m looking for articles about are housing access, police violence, and COVID-19 responses. Rates start at $250 and go up for articles requiring substantial research. Please send pitches — not finished pieces. In the pitch, please highlight any personal experiences or expertise that connects to the article you’re pitching.

Submission Guidelines

The Gay & Lesbian Review

The Gay & Lesbian Review publishes essays, reviews, interviews, and poems. Feature articles should fall in the 2000-4000 word range, and reviews should be 600-1200 words. Payment for feature articles is $200 and payment for book reviews is $100. They also accept interviews, artist profiles, art memos, and International Spectrum column submissions.

Submission Guidelines

This Magazine

This Magazine accepts pitches from Canadian freelance writers. Themes for its bi-monthly issues can be found in the linked guidelines. In addition to nonfiction pieces, This Magazine accepts poetry and fiction submissions. Pay for short stories up to 2500 words is $125 CAD. Pay is $60 per flash fiction story under 1000 words, and $50 per accepted poem.

Submission Guidelines

Seeking Under-Represented Writers? Submit Your Market

Do you run a paying publication that accepts submissions or pitches from freelance writers in under-represented groups? If so, and if you'd like your market included in this post and All Freelance Writing's broader collection of writers' markets, you can submit your market for consideration for free.

The two biggest considerations are that all markets appearing here must be paying markets and they must have publicly-linkable writers' guidelines available on their own website.

If you're a freelance writer familiar with a publication you'd like to see included here, you can also submit that market with a brief summary, and I'm happy to review it for inclusion.

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