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Guest Contributor Guidelines

If you're interested in submitting a guest contribution to All Freelance Writing, you can find instructions and guidelines below. Please read and follow them carefully.

Note that most guest posts pitched here are not approved. I accept a maximum of two guest posts per month (total, not per user, and I often don't even accept that many). Writers I know take priority, so being an active member of the community and being familiar with the site help. And know that submissions must meet all guidelines on this page to be considered.

How to Submit a Guest Post

Step 1:

Register for an account at All Freelance Writing, then log in. (Registration also gives you access to the free writing forum.)

Step 2:

Visit your My Account page to access and edit your site profile. You must include your first and last name to show as your byline, and you must add your author bio. You must also have your email address tied to a Gravatar headshot or you can upload your headshot on the edit profile form. This headshot will appear next to your author bio.

Step 3:

Read all of the contributor guidelines below carefully.

Step 4:

Submit your guest post for consideration using the form below (the form is only available to logged in users viewing this page). Do NOT submit ideas or send an email with a pitch. The full post must be included.

Step 5:

Be patient. I receive a lot of guest post requests for this site, and the vast majority are not approved. If you've met all of the guidelines, you should expect to hear from me within two weeks. If you haven't bothered to follow these guidelines, I will not take the time to respond at all and your post will be deleted from the system. If you haven't heard from me within two weeks, you should assume the post was not approved and feel free to submit it elsewhere.

Content Guidelines

  • Please do not submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere.
  • Guest contributions should be at least 500 words long.
  • Please make sure your guest post is broken down using subheadings and / or lists. You don't have to worry about specific formatting. I'll take care of that.
  • You may write on any topic relevant to freelance writers, bloggers, or independent authors with two exceptions.
    • Articles may not be directly promotional.
    • Articles may not promote or support sites, clients, or business models which I feel exploit writers in any way. That includes content mills, freelance bidding sites, and vanity POD publishing outfits like Xlibris, AuthorHouse, and iUniverse. I simply won’t offer space here on All Freelance Writing to support the bottom of the barrel in this industry.
  • I do not accept guest posts from companies. Guest contributions must be submitted by an individual, and they must be attributed to the individual who pitches the post and who owns the account on this site.

Linking Guidelines

  • No promotional links (meaning links to your site, your company's site, or your client's site) may be included in the article itself. Again, just to make this 100% clear, you may not have any business relationship to any site linked to in the body of your post itself.
  • Links to your own sites should be limited to two (2), and they should appear only in the author bio you set up in your account profile.
  • The links must also be relevant to the audience here.
  • No links to "online education" or "essay writing" services will be accepted. I receive far too many spam submissions from these companies. Don't try to convince me yours is different. I'm not buying what you're selling.
  • No affiliate links may be included anywhere in a guest contribution.

Bio Guidelines

  • Please include a short author bio with your post. Two to four (2-4) sentences is usually enough. You can add this directly to your member account.
  • Up to two relevant links may be included in your bio. That includes your professional site, blog, etc. These links may not be affiliate links. These links are nofollowed automatically. All Freelance Writing guest posts are about reaching this site's readers; I don't tolerate any attempts to simply use the site for links to manipulate search engine rankings.
  • You must upload an avatar to your account when editing your profile or have your account email address tied to a Gravatar. This image must be a headshot (no random graphics, logos, etc.).

Submit Your Guest Post Here

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Thank you!