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Weekend Reading: Your Freelance Writer Website

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Weekend Reading: Freelance Writer Websites

We're a month into the New Year, and that means it's time for a new monthly focus here at All Freelance Writing. And our focus for February is your freelance writer website -- how to build one, how to use your professional site to attract clients, how to run an effective client-focused blog, and more.

On Monday we'll have a round-up of five freelance writer websites you can explore as inspiration. Later this month we'll also have a few freelance writer website reviews where you can see me pick apart your colleagues' sites to share both the highlights (what they've done extraordinarily well) as well as suggestions that might make those sites more effective.

For now, let's kick off the month with a post collection from the All Freelance Writing archives. Here are some posts and resources that can help you get the most from your own professional site right now.

1. 5 Reasons Freelance Writers Need a Professional Website

Haven't set up a professional website yet? Do you wonder if it's fine to rely exclusively on third party platforms instead? This post makes the case for building your own "home base" on the web.

2. Freelance Writers: What Should You Include on Your Professional Website?

If you're building a new freelance writer website, these are the kinds of things (and pages) you'll want to include.

3. 4 Elements of Effective Freelance Writing Websites

If you want your freelance writer website to stand out and give prospects what they're looking for, make sure it covers these four fundamental things, from being easy to find to being truly client-focused.

4. Why Freelance Writers Should Have a Blog

I've heard every argument in the book about why freelance writers don't want to bother with a professional blog. But there are more, and better, reasons why you should. Consider these when making that decision for yourself. A client-focused blog might be just the boost your professional site needs.

5. Quick Tip: Make Your Freelance Writer Website a Go-To Resource for Prospects

Having an effective freelance writer website means more than using it for self-promotion. You want to be the writer prospects think of when they're ready to hire someone in your specialty. Making your site more of a resource than strictly a sales tool is one way to keep yourself at the top of that list.

Check back throughout the month for more tips, tools, and inspiration to help you with your professional website. I have two spots open for freelance writer website reviews later this month. So contact me or comment here with your website's address to be considered.

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