Update: During my first quarter check-in I updated the list below. Anything in green is currently in progress, and anything with a strike-through has been completed.

Last week I shared my 2012 year-end evaluation with you, where I looked over my goals for this year and whether or not I've accomplished what I set out to do. Honestly, 2012 was not a great year for me. And my hope is that 2013 will be much better -- without health and other issues getting in the way of my plans.

Speaking of plans, I mentioned in that post that I'd share my 2013 goals and resolutions with you this week. That's what I'd like to do today.

The following goals are broken down into categories including freelance writing, Web publishing, books & e-books (based on my 3-year publishing plan), and general business goals. As always, I know I won't reach every goal, and I'll take a fresh look at them each quarter to make adjustments where necessary. Some of these are actually goals from previous years that were pushed off, and I'm planning to work on them again.

Freelance Writing

I've been planning to scale back the client side of my business for quite a while now to focus more on Web development and publishing books and e-books. So the goals on this end will be lighter than other areas.

  • Finish overhauling my service website to add new service pages and adjust rates as necessary for the New Year.
  • Replace at least half of the $40k or so per year I walked away from when I left a major client (and spend the rest of that time on other areas of the business).
  • Publish at least one white paper or report targeting prospective clients.
  • Get published in at least one magazine with my byline (as opposed to ghostwriting for clients in trades as I've done in the past).

Web Publishing and Development

A lot of the content for these new sites is being handled by my assistant and a few other contributors I'm working with. So the time commitment for these is largely pre-launch and marketing-related as opposed to requiring a large amount of time for writing.

  • Overhaul the job board at All Freelance Writing
  • Launch self-paced e-courses at All Freelance Writing
  • Officially launch WritingForBloggers.com
  • Launch the new e-marketing blog
  • Launch LiveWorkOrganize.com
  • Start promoting the new Online Learning Hub brand
  • Launch GardenAndFood.com
  • Launch DIYProjectIdeas.com
  • Launch last author website
  • Finish blog content audit for All Freelance Writing
  • Finish blog content audit for BizAmmo.com
  • Release at least 5 new exclusive freebies at All Freelance Writing
  • Release at least 5 exclusive freebies at BizAmmo.com
  • Re-launch All Indie Publishing.
  • Work with hubby (developer) on backend of new author resource site (probably won't launch until 2014 though)
  • New design for the genealogy blog (new customization on old theme)
  • Get the genealogy blog on a regular posting schedule, and revamp the content strategy
  • Migrate all old AudioXposure.com content to IndieLounge.com in anticipation of its launch / rebranding.

Books & E-books

There's a lot in this section, based on a publishing plan I came up with and have been pretty good about sticking to. This will probably be the part of my business getting the most of my time in the New Year.

  • Finish rewrites and new interviews for The Query-Free Freelancer (needs a new chapter written, a couple of others overhauled, and new interviews for sidebars before my final self-edit)
  • Finish drafting the second novel in the Murder Script mystery series (I'm hoping to finish the first by the end of December).
  • Finish drafting the third novel in the Murder Script mystery series.
  • Finish drafting the first horror novel.
  • Create and release the first Murder Script game (ancillary product)
  • Create the second Murder Script game (likely won't be released in 2013 -- at the earliest I'd release it near the year-end holidays).
  • Draft the manuscripts for four short children's books.
  • Choose an illustrator for the children's books.
  • Release at least three Query-Free Freelancer e-books at All Freelance Writing.
  • Choose the editor for The Query-Free Freelancer. 
  • Draft at least the first shorter story (either a short story or novella-length) for a later collection.
  • Re-brand / re-release the 30 Day Marketing Boot Camp e-book under the QFF / 3 Beat Books branding.

General Business Goals

This is the "everything else" set of goals for the New Year.

  • Change the business structure of 3 Beat Media to an LLC.
  • Set up and start using new accounting system / software.
  • Earn at least 20% more in total over what I earned in 2012 (this wasn't a good year, so barring any other flops, this should be fairly easy).
  • Make better use of my assistant by giving her more responsibilities and more writing work to do in 2013.
  • Focus more on email marketing for primary sites and the main business.
  • Work on increasing the new brand's recognition and reputation (adding branding to owned sites, releasing freebies under the new company name, focusing on social media marketing, etc.).

As usual, I know it looks like a lot here. But I find that I get the most done when I push myself hard as opposed to taking a more relaxed approach with just a few primary goals. Breaking it down on a site-by-site basis and such simply works for me.

What about you? Have you set any goals or resolutions for your writing business in 2013 yet? What are you focusing on, and what do you hope to accomplish? Tell us in the comments.

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