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3 Online Writing Jobs for Local Businesses

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One of the biggest benefits of writing for the Web is that it gives freelance writers the ability to work with clients all over the world. These days everything can be done online from invoicing to delivery. But that doesn't mean you have to work with clients outside of your area. Some writers are more comfortable working with local clients, and that's perfectly fine as long as there is enough local business to keep you busy.

If you'd prefer to pitch more projects to local business owners and your passion is writing for the Web, what exactly might local businesses need? Let's look at a few examples of online writing jobs you could pursue locally.

Website Copywriting

Even small mom and pop shops are making the move to the Web these days. Having a website helps them reach a wider audience or simply be more accessible to the customers they already have. For example, a shop might let customers place orders online for local pick-ups or deliveries.

Poorly written Web copy can make any business look bad. That's where you come in. Offer to help some of those local businesses get a professional website up and running. You could write anything from their base Web copy for a site launch to product descriptions for their changing inventory.


Small businesses often use blogging as a tool to reach more customers or build their own reputations in their industries. Why not offer freelance blogging services to help them out?

You'll free up more of their time for the day to day management of the business, and you'll help them make sure their blog portrays them in the best light possible. Even if the business owner prefers to handle all blogging personally, consider offering blog editing services to help them clean up their content.

Email Newsletter Writing

Have you ever signed up for an email newsletter from a local business? Maybe you wanted to be alerted to weekly deals or coupons, or perhaps you're just interested in keeping an eye on what's new.

Someone has to manage those newsletters. So keep a look out for ones that would benefit from a freelance writer or editor. Then pitch your services and help your favorite local businesses build their subscriber lists.

These are just three of the biggest examples of online writing services you could pitch to local businesses, big or small. Do you focus on local markets? If so, what other types of online writing gigs have you landed with clients in your area? What else would you suggest that Web writers pitch to their local markets or existing clients? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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