Whether you maintain a blog as a way to market your freelance writing services, as a way to maintain an author presence, or as its own business model, tying your blog to your larger social media presence is vital.

That includes giving blog readers the opportunity to share your posts on their favorite social networks. And it involves telling readers how they can connect with you in other ways.

One way to do both of those things is to feature social media icons somewhere on your blog. Using this site as an example, you'll find social media icons below each post. Those icons allow users to share the posts with others. If you look to the sidebar of the site (near the top), you'll see a separate set of social media icons. Those icons let you know how you can connect with me directly.

If you haven't added social media icons to your own blog yet, why not do it now? Here are five of my favorite free sets of social media icons that can get you started.

*Please make sure you check the license terms for these icons before using them to make sure they're appropriate for your particular blog.

Social Media Icons from IRockSoWhat.com

Here's a simple set of free social media icons with great adaptability built in. If you're not in the mood to edit colors, this set comes with plenty of options (more than shown in the preview below). They'll work with your blog theme whether you've gone modern, retro, or anywhere in between.

social media icons 2

Credit: IRockSoWhat.com

Preview & Download

Simple White Social Media Icons from WebTreats ETC

It doesn't get any cleaner or simpler than basic white logos. These will go with just about any blog design, and they're clear while not intruding on other design elements.

social media icons2

Credit: WebTreats ETC

Preview & Download

Social Sketches Icons from Six Revisions

If you read this blog, you're probably a writer. So you can appreciate the artsy side of things, including blogging. Why not set your blog apart with a set of hand-drawn social media icons to reflect your creative side?

social media icons 3

Credit: SixRevisions.com

Preview & Download

Hexagon Social Media Icons on Deviant Art

This is one sexy set of social media icons for sure. They're clean. They're effective. And yet they offer that little something extra by moving away from the typical round or square icon shapes. It gives them just enough extra oomph to really stand out.

social media icons 4

Credit: LunarPixel (at DeviantArt)

Preview & Download

Round Social Media Icons from GraphicsFuel.com

This set of social media icons is clearly a favorite of mine. It's the set I use here in our sidebar to highlight my own social media profiles. I love the basic simplicity of the round icons. But the clean modern edge of the border is what makes them pop for me. That lets these icons carry over well to pretty much any background your blog might use.

social media icons 5

Credit: Rafi (at GraphicsFuel.com)

Preview & Download

Have you found other great free social media icons available to bloggers? Have you created some that you'd like to share with our readers? Leave a comment below to show us your favorites, and tell us what you look for in these kinds of blog design elements.

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