Writers: Why You’re Losing Clients and Money As a Generalist

Who really loves your business? Of course you do, but you don’t count. A better question is: which portion of the public out there really loves your freelance writing business? You’d like to think everyone who has the need for a writer loves your business, but that’s simply not the truth. Not everyone is going to love your business nor will they be able to

4 Tools for Freelance Writers (You Might Not Have Heard Of)

Being a freelancer is tough enough without having to worry about every single detail in your life. You would think with all the apps available you could find something to handle all the nitpicky stuff you hate to do. Well, all your dreams have come true! With the following tools you should be able to increase the time you have to run your business. 1.

How Not to Get Screwed as a New Freelancer

Tired of dealing with awful clients who disappear as soon as “where is my money” crosses your lips? Deadbeat clients are every freelancer’s nightmare, and it seems like we all run into one or more over our careers. However, you don’t have to just sit idly by and hope for the best! You can take steps to protect your business and your pocketbook with just

6 Invoicing Tips for Getting Paid Lightning Fast

When I was a beginning freelancer, a late invoice often meant the difference between making rent and begging my (very nice, I must say) landlord to waive the late fee. We’ve all been there – some clients pay you within the hour, some clients send a check right around the 30-day mark, and some clients conveniently forget to pay at all. But sometimes, late payments

Freelance Writers Have to Pay Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Freelance writing can be very stressful. Some months new clients are beating down your door (well, email account). The next month, you’re scrambling to write grocery lists for a little bit of cash. It all comes and goes so fast and it’s tough to maintain a monthly rhythm. Which is why when quarterly estimated taxes come along many freelancer writers just wave their hands in