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When Your Client’s Baby is Ugly

I use the baby analogy a lot when I’m talking about freelancing. So often we freelancers forget that the project means a lot more to the client than it does to us. That’s because it’s their baby. They created–gave birth–to it. They nurtured it and put in the hard work to get it where it is today. And then they realized they could only do … read more

Invisible Friends Are for Kids and Crazy People

As a firm believer in freelancing the way you want, I try to stay away from stereotyping my peers. But I have noticed–and maybe you have, too–that freelancers tend to have a lot of invisible friends. And, by “invisible” I mean people they’ve never met. Whether through social media connections, blogging communities and freelancing forums, I know a lot of people pretty intimately that I … read more