Client wants exclusivity…

I have a client who has asked me to write for them exclusively… (same one who wants to talk on the phone) The money would really have to right in order for me to consider it, but I have reservations as you can probably guess. What makes this different from any other 9-5 job? What are some drawbacks that y’all can think of? My wife

Why does everyone want to talk to me on the phone?

I hate talking on the phone…probably since I am little hard of hearing, from years of shooting…I have a pair of site owners who seem very excited about my writing style, and want to set up a time to call me next week…UHG! I usually respond with “let’s just keep it on email for now”, but things are getting more serious, and this is becoming

Action: The Key Ingredient for a Successful Writing Career

As writers we always try to improve our craft. We subscribe to magazines and read blogs and articles on how we can get better. We spend hours on social media websites promoting our latest blog series or stumping for a guest posting gig. We read in our niche so we can keep current on trends. The problem is when we allow all of this to