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Today I'd like to share a special program from American Writers & Artists Inc.

Do you wish you could rake in six figures writing for businesses? If you've ever considered a freelance writing career as a copywriter and you want to learn how make some serious dough, AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting might be the kick you need.

I've been promising these nice folks a review for months now. What's taken so long? I just couldn't find the time to get through everything included. There's that much information. Even if everything isn't for you, you're bound to find something here that moves you in the right direction. Look how much this program has to offer!

What's Included?

First and foremost, you get access to a 13-installment copywriting program designed to take you from the very beginning to your future as a successful direct-response copywriter. The program is set up in digital book format for easy reading or you can download a .pdf copy of each section if you prefer.

Here's what each installment covers:

  1. Getting Started as a Copywriter: The Opportunity & Lifestyle
  2. Taking the First Step Towards Copywriting Success
  3. Copywriting Myths and Realities
  4. The Secret Structure of Direct-Response Letters
  5. Communicating with Your Prospect
  6. Building Your Offer One brick at a Time
  7. Making and Closing the Deal
  8. Why We Need Guarantees
  9. Ready... Set... Write!
  10. Backing Up Your Claims
  11. Putting it All Together
  12. Becoming a Master Storyteller
  13. You're a Copywriter!

In addition to the program itself, you'll get loads of extra resources. For example, you'll also receive:

  1. PDF versions of the exercises found in each installment
  2. Access to the AWAI Hall of Fame (Learn from copy that really works!)
  3. Glossary of Direct Marketing Terms (.pdf)
  4. Materials for Writing Your First Direct-Response Package (.pdf)
  5. 24 Companies to Start Building Your Seed Library (.pdf)
  6. Webinar Access: Use Your Copywriting Skills to Write for the Web (with Nick Usborne)
  7. Webinar Access: The World of B2B Copywriting (with Steve Slaunwhite)
  8. Bonus Report: How to Safely and Quickly Change Careers (.pdf)
  9. Understanding the 4-Legged Stool (.pdf)
  10. The AWAI Peer Review System (.pdf)
  11. Access to the AWAI Member Forum for lifetime support (talk to other copywriters in all stages of their careers)
  12. Access to AWAI's exclusive job board - DirectResponseJobs.com

Why I Recommend This Program

Let me be clear. I'm not being paid to review this service (although I was given access to review the materials). This isn't a paid placement and I haven't joined any kind of affiliate program for this copywriting program.

I'm recommending this to our readers because it's one of the most comprehensive online resources I've ever seen for new writers, and I think it's incredibly well-targeted.

You won't find a lot of general advice here. This is for copywriters. More specifically it's for direct response copywriters. And if that's what you want to do, and you want to make a great living at it, this is one of the best resources around and it will arm you with the information you really need.

That doesn't mean it will make you rich overnight. Just like I tell you in reference to my own products, what you do with the information falls on you. But if you're ready and willing to work your butt off and master this specialty, you'll want this resource on your side.

What is "Direct-Response" Copywriting?

I'm not a big fan of long sales letters (from a buyer's perspective). So I don't write them for clients as a part of my business model. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. They can work for clients. And they can bring in big bucks for you as a writer. Sometimes when writers hear the term "direct-response" these sales letters are all they think of. But direct-response copywriting is more than that.

Don't write off the program if you don't want to write sales letters. The skills you'll learn and the tools you'll have access to can help you with other types of copywriting as well. For example, when you see an ad or sign-up form designed to get you to do anything from clicking a link to registering for a site, that's direct-response copy. So is a lot of PR copy. For example, I used to work for a major international nonprofit organization before going out on my own. Even they use a lot of direct response copy -- fundraiser letters and volunteer requests as just two examples.

Direct-response copy is any copy that's designed to get the reader to take a specific action. That's all there is to it. And because those actions are directly measurable, they give companies numbers to measure results.

Let's face it. Businesses love numbers. They love stats. They certainly love results. That's one reason direct-response copywriting gigs can bring in so much money.

How much are you making right now? Would you like to increase that to $100,000, $200,000 or even more each year? If so, direct-response copywriting might be what gets you there.

What Does it Cost?

The price tag for AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is $397.

Okay. So I can already hear a few of you gasping. But think about this for a minute:

  1. Using the skills you learn through this program, you'll earn several times its cost before you know it.
  2. This isn't a simple e-book. It's an all-out course, plus an ongoing community, plus access to exclusive leads, plus access to webinars and bonus reports for even more specialized knowledge from the pros.
  3. Compare its cost to that of a limited time course at a local community college. Here you get input from more than one professional, access to a community and email newsletters with new information long after you've completed the initial course material. And it probably still costs less. Plus, you get to keep this stuff forever -- no note-taking required!

Is it worth it? In my honest opinion, yes. It is. And you can't really go wrong. If the program doesn't work for you or you realize that direct-response copy just isn't for you, they'll refund your money for a full year. Yes. A year.

If you're ready to start a new copywriting career today, or grow your existing writing business, AWAI 's Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting is a great place to start. There's plenty in here even for existing copywriters -- expand your network, find new leads, or improve your craft!

Sign Up Today!

Interested in other independent careers? Check out all AWAI has to offer -- programs on self publishing, Web marketing, resume writing, design, and more! Visit AWAIonline.com today to learn more.

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