Normally I post my quarterly business goals and plans at the beginning of each quarter, and I try to post a follow-up in the next update to let you know how I did. Plans always unexpectedly change in one way or another, but this past quarter might have been the worst.

As you might know, I took off for an extended leave of several months due to some health and other personal issues that needed to be prioritized. That threw off my plans, and I'm spending my last quarter of 2013 in crunch mode, trying to make up for lost time.

That means I'm pulling longer working hours than I usually do, and I'm pushing myself harder than I have in a long time. It can be exhausting at times. But it's also quite invigorating. It feels great to be back to work and making progress on some big projects.

Because of the changes, I'm not even going to bother with updates to my third quarter plans. Let's just assume it was a wash for now. Instead, let's move on to the plans for this quarter, broken down by month.

This plan mostly consists of longer-term goals and larger projects, and is in addition to any regular client work that comes in.

October 2013

  • Launch
  • Revive with 1-3 weekly posts
  • Review and refresh a novel outline for NaNoWriMo prep
  • Let regular clients know I'm returning to work, and start lining up gigs again.

November 2013

  • Write 50k words of fiction for NaNoWriMo
  • Write 2 horror short stories (inc. in 50k goal)
  • Draft 2 picture book manuscripts (inc. in 50k goal)
  • Finish Murder Scripts Book 1 manuscript draft (partly inc. in 50k goal)
  • Outline and begin draft of HWA guide
  • Release a short free e-course at All Freelance Writing
  • Launch 3 new marketplace areas at All Freelance Writing

December 2013

  • First round of revisions on first Murder Scripts novel
  • Outline second Murder Scripts novel
  • Outline first horror novel in a series
  • Draft one horror short story
  • Finish first draft of HWA guide
  • Release v2 of Marketing Boot Camp e-book for freelance writers
  • Release two small downloadable products at AIW

As of now, I've completed everything listed for October. This month is set to be my busiest month because I tend to take on a lighter schedule in December due to a holiday break I always take for the last week to week-and-a-half of the month. This year I'll take off of client work for that full time, but I might still work on manuscript edits if or when I have time. But at that point holiday planning comes first because I host the big family get-together.

Worst case, if things don't go well this month, I can push one of the All Freelance Writing feature launches (the e-course or new marketplace sections) off until December, with one or two of the December AIW projects pushed to January if absolutely necessary. We'll see how it goes. I haven't had this much energy for work in a very long time, so I plan to put it to good use and knock out as much as I possibly can by the year's end.

What about your fourth quarter plans? Are you on track so far? What do you have yet to come this month and in December? Feel free to share your goals and progress with us in the comments.

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