Benefits of PDF E-books

The two most common e-book file types are PDF (read through Adobe Acrobat Reader and similar programs) and EXE (executable program files). PDF files tend to be much more popular, and there are several reasons for this. Here are a few benefits of publishing your e-book in PDF format:

  • People are often not willing to open .exe files that they're unsure of, because they can contain viruses. A .pdf file is generally considered "safer," meaning you can increase your potential audience.
  • PDF e-books are very easy to create. All you need is a basic word processor and a program to covert the file to .pdf (there are plenty of free programs available that do this).
  • It's rare for someone not to have access to Adobe's Acrobat Reader to read your e-book in .pdf format, and even if they don't have it, it's free to download.
  • If you want readers of your e-book to be able to print the file to read away from the computer, PDF files are ideal - they print out the same way you would print out a document from your word processor, and can even be printed from someone's Web browser if your .pdf e-book is available for online reading.
  • You can make your e-book available to be read directly online (not a bad feature if you're distributing a free e-book and want the clickable links as it's spread around virally). Most people can view a .pdf file directly in their browser window.


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2 thoughts on “Benefits of PDF E-books”

  1. Jennifer,

    I like the fact that .pdf ebooks can be read on almost all computer operating systems – Windows, MAC, Linux. No one is left out.


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