Running a successful blog isn't only about the new content you create. It's also about your archived blog posts. Moving forward with strong content is always important. But if you want to improve your blog content strategy, increase traffic and give readers what they really want, you should start with a blog content audit.

What is a Blog Content Audit?

Think of a blog content audit as taking inventory of your blog posts. It's a chance to analyze your existing content so you can make immediate and future changes to improve your blog, even before you publish new material.

A blog content audit helps you identify posts and pages that perform well. And a content audit helps you figure out which pages need improvement. It also helps you find holes in your existing content so you can plan appropriate new blog posts in the future.

What Does a Blog Content Audit Include?

Here are some specific things a blog content audit might include.

  • Creating a master list of all existing content on your blog
  • Making sure every blog post has appropriate meta data and tags
  • Reviewing and improving blog post titles when necessary
  • Analyzing traffic for each blog post so you can identify ones that perform strongly and ones that don't
  • Analyzing incoming links to each page or post on your blog
  • Reviewing the content of each post and editing them as required
  • Looking for ways to tie specific content to revenue sources, if appropriate
  • Identifying categories with too much content overlap or not enough fresh content
  • Analyzing which content gets the most reader interaction

Your blog content audit might include all of these things, or just a few. You can always add other metrics that are appropriate for your blog. The main goal of a blog content audit is to make you a more informed blogger. Until you know what content you already have, and how effective it is, you can't make educated decisions about your blog's future content strategy.

Have you ever conducted a blog content audit? What did yours include? In what ways did it help you improve or grow your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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