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Cohesive Story Building by Karen Wiesner: Coming Soon

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We've been talking a lot this past week about Karen Wiesner's latest writer's reference book, Writing the Fiction SeriesToday I'd like to share some information about another book you should keep an eye out for.

The rights to her book, From First Draft to Finished Novel, have reverted to her, and Karen is set to release a new version of the book through another publisher. The new release will be titled Cohesive Story Building.

This new book will continue to serve as an ideal companion for First Draft in 30 Days, helping authors move from a rough draft to a revised manuscript. Whether you're looking to appeal to agents and editors or you simply want to develop the best story possible as an indie author, this book will give you the information and tools you need.

Cohesive Story Building

From the Author

"Set within the framework of comparing the process of building a house to the process of building a story, COHESIVE STORY BUILDING carefully explores each of stage of story development from brainstorming and outlining to drafting and revision, as well as submission guidelines and etiquette. This must-have guide will see writers through the entire novel writing process from start to finish. All three of my writing reference titles have tutorial companions available from Writer’s Digest Tutorials. You can find links, excerpts, and more details about these books and tutorials at my website:"

Release Date

Cohesive Story Building is expected to be released in December 2013, although a specific release date has not yet been set.

When the book is released, I'll be sure to post a review. In the meantime, visit the author's site linked above to check out some of the companion material from the former version of this book.

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