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Free Blog Business Plan Template

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Recently we talked about how to write a blog business plan. As promised, I've put together a simple blog business plan template that you can use for your own niche or business blog.

Why Have a Blog Business Plan?

If you want to make money blogging, a blog business plan is a must. Business plans help you get a better picture of where your business (in this case a blog) currently stands, how you can better compete in your market, and how you can run a more profitable venture.

My blog business plan template helps you evaluate a variety of things such as:

  • The overall mission or concept behind your blog;
  • Your business structure (so you can alter it if appropriate);
  • Your strengths and weaknesses (so you can use or overcome them);
  • Your budget (so you can control blog costs and maximize revenue);
  • Your blog revenue streams;
  • Your business and marketing goals;
  • Your primary competition;
  • And much more.

Download the Blog Business Plan Template

You can download my blog business plan template in an editable Word document (.doc) here:

Download the Blog Business Plan Template from All Freelance Writing

Note: This blog business plan template doesn't go into the topic of blog content strategy. We'll discuss that more in the New Year, mostly at my new blog on blogging -- It officially launches January second, but there's plenty of content there to get you started. Be sure to check it out.

17 thoughts on “Free Blog Business Plan Template”

  1. Thank you so much for this article. Being a marketer at heart, I was yearning for a blog business plan but as a new writer, I didn’t know where to start. You gave me a new perspective on structure, metrics and performance that I had not otherwise considered. A million thanks for not only sharing your expertise, but the template itself. It’s so much more powerful to see the template alongside the article.

  2. This really is helpful. As a Filipino, doing business in the Philippines also requires this kind of stuff. Having a business requires preparation in order for one to succeed. That’s why having a business plan is important.

  3. and finnaly i got this template
    before this im so confuse how to get business template, and now i get it
    thankyou so much jenn


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