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I hope everyone's having a great weekend! But it's time for our weekly freelance fitness tip with a new idea for staying healthier during the next work week, and beyond. Last week we talked about working at a standing desk. This week it's time for a food and nutrition tip. Let's talk about breakfast.

You've surely heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If there's one meal you shouldn't skip, breakfast is it. So what do you do if breakfast time happens to fall within your work day, or you only have a few minutes to eat because you have to rush a project for someone? It's easy to just sit down at your desk (or wherever you work) when you work at home. It's easy to forget about breakfast. And sooner or later during the day you might find your energy zapped if you do forget to eat.

To help make sure you never have to skip breakfast for lack of time, this week let's share some simple, quick, no-cook breakfast ideas. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Yogurt -- I have low-calorie ones for snacks, but for breakfast I'll go with a more substantial 200+ calorie organic variety -- also good for the probiotics. I like to put ground flax in my yogurt too, although not everyone likes it with the added texture.
  • Bagels -- Sure, you could toast it if you have the time, but if you get them fresh rather than frozen, you can just eat them as-is too -- with your favorite topping of course. I like Thomas' whole grain (or whole wheat?) ones personally.
  • Cereal -- I don't eat cereal often because I don't like milk. But it's another good option. When I do have it, I like to try different whole grain varieties -- none of that sugary kids' stuff. I didn't even like that as a kid. If I'm making breakfast a big meal I might do granola. Otherwise I'd choose a lower calorie variety. Quick tip: if you don't like flax, you can also add bran flakes to yogurt. It's delicious, and another way to work cereal in.
  • Fruit -- You could have a piece of fruit with the other breakfast ideas here, or you could have it alone. Make a quick fruit salad for example. When I'm really not in the mood for fresh fruit, sometimes I'll just have canned fruit instead (either in natural juice or a light syrup to cut down on some of the morning sugar -- no point in encouraging a sugar crash).
  • Cottage Cheese -- I know some people are grossed out by cottage cheese, but I love it. I find it to be a surprisingly filling breakfast. I usually buy the Live Active cottage cheese from Breakstone, in individual-sized containers. I eat it plain, but you could try it with fruit. You can also put it on a piece of whole grain bread if you want something more substantial.
  • Smoothies -- Technically this is a no-cook breakfast, but it might take a bit longer to make than the others. Take your favorite fruit, some ice, and some milk (or soft tofu if you prefer). Blend it up. Drink it up. Yummmm.
  • Granola Bars / Breakfast Bars -- If you need something super-quick, keep granola bars, cereal bars, or other breakfast bars right at your desk. Then you won't even have to go to the kitchen before starting work. Breakfast will be there waiting for you!

What are your favorite no-cook breakfast ideas for a busy work morning?

Thanks for sharing!
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