How to Avoid Freelance Job Scams

We've all seen them, and we've all secretly been tempted to try them. You know ... those ads for work from home freelance writing jobs that promise you can make $1000-2000 a week working part-time. Don't fall sucker to ads that promise the world. I'm going to expose some common freelance job scams, show you the warning signs to look out for, teach you how to protect yourself from these work from home freelance job scams, and I'll even give you some examples of legitimate work from home freelance jobs!

Be aware of the most common work from home freelance job scams:

  1. Envelope-stuffing
  2. Home product assembly
  3. Home typing / Ad typist
  4. Affiliate websites or web writing based on ad revenues
  5. Multi-level marketing
  6. Medical billing
  7. Generic ads promising a lot of money, only a little bit of time, and no details whatsoever

Warning signs to look out for:

  1. The promises are too good to be true.
  2. Pay for the freelance job is based on advertising revenue.
  3. Details about your actual work from home duties are sketchy, or they're not listed at all.
  4. You find the work from home freelance job ad in a flashy web banner, on a telephone post, tacked to a bulletin board, or on a flyer inserted in a library book.
  5. You have to attend a seminar to learn how to get the work from home freelance job.
  6. You're asked to send money.

If you still find an ad hard to resist, take these steps to protect yourself:

  1. Do a WhoIs search on their web site.
  2. See if they're in the Yellow Pages.
  3. Check the BBB for previous complaints.
  4. Ask them to send the info to you in writing.
  5. Check with the FTC and your state attorney general's office about known work from home freelance job scams.


  1. Never take a work from home freelance job ad at face value.
  2. Never send money for information about a work from home freelance job!
  3. Always do your research on the company before you sign up for anything.
  4. Never attend a seminar where someone promises to teach you how to get rich quick with a work from home freelance job opportunity.
  5. Remember ... if it sounds to good to be true, in this case, it definitely is!
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