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Getting More Mileage from Your Blog

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We've talked a lot here about why writers should blog, from using blogs as a marketing tool for your freelance writing services to blogging as an added income stream. Now let's talk about how you can get more from your blog by moving beyond the blog itself. Here are additional income streams / outlets that blogging can potentially lead to if you levereage it right:


Sure. Most bloggers won't ever convert their blog content into a published book, but it is a possibility if you feel inclined to pursue it.

You can go several routes here. For example, you might decide to self-publish a book by combining your best blog posts. Another option would be to pitch publishers on a book closely tied to your blog content, but not using your existing posts (or editing them a good bit first).


You're already used to writing regular resources within your niche. Why not pitch a column to your area's newspaper or even a larger website? You may be able to get a paper to purchase print rights to existing content you've written, or you may decide to offer completely fresh content (especially with larger publications).


If you can turn your blog content into a book, you can also turn it into an e-book. E-books are a great way to pull together your best content, edit it to improve the flow, and then market your blog or earn a bit of income. This can be especially useful for assembling beginner-level content (for example, if you run a blog on freelance writing, you might pull content directed at beginning writers, without including posts targeting more experienced writers - a sort of "how to get started" guide).


There are plenty of websites, e-zines, and other outlets who would be interested in re-publishing your existing content. You can use it for promotional purposes by offering it for free (with a link to your blog), or you can sell reprint rights.

Have you done any of these things to get more mileage out of your blog posts? How else can you get more from your blog?

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