Hi All:

I'm trying to grow my writing business by continuing to write for trades, but I also want to break into corporate writing. A couple of problems that I'm running into:

1. I'm burned out from researching and finding sources for articles. I would like to be given the topic and sources for once rather than having to do all of the legwork and wait until three months to get a paycheck.

2. I feel stuck writing for trades because I have the most experience in this type of industry. While I want to keep my little toe in that niche, I desparately want to break up my work to include press release writing, blogs, smaller articles, etc.

3. I did read part of 30 Days Bootcamp E-book by Jenn, but my industry (green services industry, such as landscaping services, isn't really a big industry where writers can bloom as they do in other niches. And I'm not interested in using that as my platform and I'm not interested in farming as my platform either. Can you tell I'm cranky over this issue???).

4. My local area tends to be "cheap." They don't like to pay decent wages for writing work, and trying to explain the value of professional writing is like to talking to a brick wall. I've tried branching out to a bigger pool, but found that my experience in writing trades in the agriculture and green services industries has limited me.I've interviewed with two creative agencies in Philadelphia (biggest city near my home) and since I don't specialize in pharma, health, and medical, I think I'm going to have a hard time getting work from them. Plus, I want to work off site at this point in my life--I still have a family at home--but that option limits me too.

5. I'm thinking about sending some LOIs to associations to write press releases, blogs, and articles. Who is the best person to talk to in those types of organizations? What kind of learning curve do I need to write for them? Does anyone know what kind of writing that they need--such as case studies and white papers? Can I transfer my article writing experience to writing case studies and white papers? What industry/market needs case studies and white papers?

6. I still want to write for trade magazines, but somehow, I want to streamline the work. Any suggestions? And I can feel the discouragement creeping back  again. I believe that I can break through this "stuckness," but I keep running into roadblocks with most things that I try. The only things that seem to be fitting into place again are writing for trades and possibly doing some freelance writing for a local associations. I have one client who hires me to write press releases. And another person contacted me yesterday about writing for a local builders association. However, he said that they have in-house staff to do most of their writing. I plan on contacting the person that my colleague suggested. And I'm still waiting to hear from the guy that I gave a pre-proposal to last week. But I think that may end up as a dead end.

I feel stymied because of my lack of experience working in an agency. I was a substitute teacher before I started my family, but I definitely don't want to go back into that line of work again.

Any and all advice/opinions would be great...if you need me to clarify anything, please let me know. Thanks!

Wendy K~Frown

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