Marketing Tip: Article Marketing for Writers

If you're a writer of any kind, it's likely that you're familiar with article marketing. But are you using it effectively? Here's what article marketing can do for you if you go about it the right way:

  1. It can help you sell your book.
  2. It can bring in clients for custom work.
  3. It can attract readers to your blog or website where you then promote your services, book, etc.

A lot of people assume that all article marketing is created equally. It's not. If your target market is webmasters who pay anywhere from $1 - 20 per article, mass-publishing articles with a resource box to sites like will probably be fine for you. But let's talk about writers trying to earn more than that, or trying to build a more solid reputation as an authority in their niche.

It's true that mass article distribution sites might give you backlinks, some traffic, and possibly some buyers / clients. But why waste your time with sites like that when you can do even more by targeting different types of outlets with your articles?

As with any type of marketing, it's all about knowing your audience and target market, and then tailoring your tactics to best reach and influence them. Credibility is key for a lot of writers, and that's something the "anyone-can-publish-here" sites can't give you in comparison to direct outlets. Try sending an article or two to these kinds of places instead:

  1. Niche newsletters with large subscriber bases (obviously in your own niche)
  2. Niche websites and blogs with the same target market
  3. Online or offline trade publications
  4. Your local newspaper (or their online version)
  5. Small niche magazines

You can certainly target larger publications as well, and may even occasionally be paid for your article marketing work. Think of every article you have published as a part of your marketing arsenal... each one should serve as an example of someone feeling your work was worth sharing with their audience. That can say a lot to potential clients or buyers.

These kinds of outlets simply lend more credibility. If you read an article on weight loss in a health newsletter you're subscribed to, would you generally take it more or less seriously than an article on the same topic on an article directory? Would you be more inclined to buy a book from an author you saw as a contributor to places like Associated Content or with a guest article published to a major blog in your niche that you read regularly. The outlets determine the trust, which can be a major factor in people's buying habits.

There are other ways to market yourself with articles too:

  • Join a content network (the more well known the better). Readers can become clients.
  • Offer (or sell) excerpts for your new book instead of unique articles.

What are some of your favorite places to submit contributions to in order to help you reach your market and build your reputation?

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