Moving on to a New Novel Outline

I'm happy to say that tomorrow (technically later today at this hour), I should be finished up with writing the outline for the novel I'm referring to here only as Sarah. I still have four days left of my 30-day plan to clean that outline up, fill in any holes, etc., so it's not quite complete - I'm in the home stretch though.

That means it's also time to start thinking about the next novel outline (remember: I outlined Sarah using the plan in First Draft in 30 Days and will be outlining another book using the plan from Book in a Month as a means of comparing the programs side by side).

Right now I'm torn. I was originally planning to work on the book I'm referring to here as Fairy Tale for now, but I'm not so sure anymore. That's probably the book I know the least about. Yet, it's the most similar to the outline I'm finishing up, making it better for comparison purposes.

The other option I'm considering is moving on with 3 Weeks - one of the two lighter books planned. This is the one I'm leaning to right now, because I was thinking a lot about it yesterday - I had a strike of inspiration, and came up with a slightly different plan for the book's style that I'm really looking forward to playing with.

My concern is that both of these options involve multiple stories in some way (and I don't mean subplots), so I'm not sure how well they'll adapt to the novel outline process. I'm sure I can make it work. Right now I'm leaning towards 3 Weeks, but I'll confirm that probably in about a week (maybe two) when I'm ready to move on with the next outline (taking some time after this week to finish up an e-book first). I think that one is going to be both depressing and a hell of a lot of fun to write, and I find that possibility irresistible.

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