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05/22/2023 Freelance Script Writer for PBS Eons YouTube Channel Other Freelance Writing Jobs $750 - 1000 (PRO RATE)
05/22/2023 Freelance Script Writer - Comparative Religion Other Freelance Writing Jobs $750 - 1000 (PRO RATE)

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Freelance Writing Pros on What They Wish They Knew as Beginners

New freelance writers are full of questions. “How do I get started?” “Where are the high paying freelance writing jobs?” “Should I sign up for freelance marketplaces or find my own clients?” I hear questions like these all the time. But are they the kinds of things beginner freelance writers really…

New Year Tips & Reminders for Freelance Writers

I hope your new year is off to a great start. Have you run through all your basic new year business tasks yet? If not, no worries. I’m still hashing out some of mine too. Not sure what kinds of tasks I mean? Let’s look at ten new year tips…

2023 Freelance Writing Resolutions

Happy new year fellow writers. It’s been quite some time since we’ve talked about new year’s resolutions and goal-planning here at All Freelance Writing. Now feels like a great time. I’m a big fan of resolutions, both on the personal and professional fronts. So today I’m going to share some…

15 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the most common questions I get from new freelance writers is “Where can I find freelance writing jobs?” And a common place for freelancers to start is to seek advertised gigs on job boards and related sites. Not sure where to start a search of your own? Let’s…

Why Your Hourly Freelance Writing Rate Matters

We’ve talked about freelance writing fees quite a bit here over the years, but today we’re going to focus on something that doesn’t always get enough love in the freelance writing community: hourly freelance writing rates. Don’t get me wrong. Hourly rates aren’t an ideal billing strategy, and we’ll talk…

Paying Essay Markets for Freelance Writers

How would you like to get paid for your thoughts or stories about your lived experiences? From personal essays to issue-based ones, freelance essay markets might be a good fit for you. Below you’ll find a collection of paying writers’ markets that accept essay pitches or submissions from freelance writers….

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