Review of Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft:

The Fast Track to Marketing-Writing Mastery

June 2017 Update!

Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft has re-opened to students looking to improve their commercial writing skills, tackle new types of freelance writing projects, and make more money. It now features easy online access, new bulleted summaries at the end of each module's .pdf download, and a limited time opportunity to get a bonus 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Peter!

Get a Free Preview with a New Bonus Module!

Curious how the Well-Fed Craft course works? Want a glimpse at the kind of things you'll learn? Peter's added a free bonus module to let potential students get a taste of the Well-Fed Craft format. It's a 10-minute video module where Peter will walk you through a sample brochure he wrote for one of his nonprofit clients.

You may be familiar with Peter Bowerman from his Well-Fed Writer book or blog. For years his book has been my top recommended reading material for new freelance writers. So I was thrilled to hear he was launching a new course on freelance commercial writing called Well-Fed Craft.

When Peter asked me to review Well-Fed Craft, of course I said "yes."

Is Well-Fed Craft your ticket to a profitable commercial writing business?

I hope to help you find out. In addition to my review of Well-Fed Craft below, you'll also find:

  • Some course background so you know what you'll get.
  • A podcast clip between Peter and me where you can learn more about his course.
  • And, in that show, we don't just try to sell you on the course -- we dig a bit deeper into one of the project types you'll learn about in it. (I promise, Peter's not one of those smarmy marketer types I rail against here, so the whole episode is chock full of good, useful, stuff.)

Let's get to it, shall we? I was excited to see something new from Peter, and I hope you'll love it.

Oh... but first, for the sake of full disclosure because here we all love transparency and honesty and all that good stuff -- Peter provided course access for the sake of my review. And there are affiliate links in this post. (Ewww, I know, but if you're concerned, you can read my "No Bullshit Affiliate Promotion Policy." In short, I value your trust more than making an easy buck here. Always have. Always will. Also, this review was originally published on December 28, 2016 before the initial limited-run release of this course. This post was updated on June 28, 2017 to reflect changes to the program for its wider release.)

Could YOU be a Successful Freelance Commercial Writer?

Find out if you have what it takes to make big money in one of the most lucrative freelance writing specialties. Let Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft teach you how to tackle key project types and give your freelance commercial writing career the kick it needs.

About the Well-Fed Craft Program

If you're new to freelance commercial writing, you'll never be alone as you learn the ropes with Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft.

The program consists of 11 modules, including an audio intro to the course. Then 10 video guides walk you through freelance project types and marketing-writing strategies with Peter.

Plus, you'll find .pdf real-world examples from Peter's own business as well as featured guest content from successful copywriters like Gordon Graham ("That White Paper Guy") and Casey Hibbard (author of Stories That Sell).

Here's What You'll Learn

  • Brochure writing & basic copywriting structures;
  • Case study and white paper writing;
  • How to write sales letters & landing pages;
  • Writing direct mail pieces and website copy;
  • How to craft effective taglines, titles, and headlines;
  • Using storytelling, themes, and humor in writing copy for clients.

More importantly, Peter helps you embrace not only the structure to succeed as a freelance commercial writer, but also the marketing mindset you'll need to help clients see real results (and keep coming back for more).

Find Out More

If you'd like to learn more about the Well-Fed Craft course, who it's designed for, and how it might help you build or grow your freelance commercial writing business, check out the clip below from my recent podcast chat with Peter.

Introduction to Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft

The All Freelance Writing Podcast

Peter Bowerman

Peter Bowerman

Commercial Writer & Author

Peter Bowerman is a veteran freelance commercial writer of 23 years.

He is also the author of the premier and award-winning guide to commercial writing, The Well-Fed Writer.

His client roster features the likes of The Coca Cola Company, IBM, UPS, American Express, and Mercedes-Benz.

In addition to running his own freelance commercial writing business, Peter also offers group coaching and mentoring services.

Want to know more about the man behind Well-Fed Craft before signing up? Get it straight from the source in my podcast chat with Peter.

Like what you see?

The Review

Read not one, but two, reviews of Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft course.

Now that you have a bit of background about the Well-Fed Craft program, let's get to the review.

I followed the standard review format I use here at All Freelance Writing. You get a general impression, highlights (the best parts), suggestions or problems (the worst parts -- I don't believe in writing "glowy" reviews; I want you to have the full picture before buying anything), and then a final verdict as to whether or not the product or service gets my recommendation.


What I loved most about Peter Bowerman's Well-Fed Craft

  • Getting to see real-world examples of client-approved copy has to be the biggest benefit for new writers. Because so many of these project types are ghostwritten, it isn't often you get to see this from the writers behind the copy.
  • I love that students are not only essentially given templates, but are also given some of the "why" behind projects -- understanding why clients need something is key to understanding how to sell them on hiring you.
  • Another perk of this course is .pdf access to samples. It's great you have Peter walking you through them in the videos, but being able to refer back to them at your own pace when you need a refresher is quite handy.


How the course could be even better

When it comes to suggestions for Peter's Well-Fed Craft, I only have two:

  1. In this instant gratification world, I think it would be nice to have a downloadable option available instead of only flash drive delivery. Large file sizes could be avoided by letting students download individual modules when they're ready. (Update: In the course's re-release Peter switched to a downloadable option. You'll now have access to a membership area on his website where you can the course or download course materials.)
  2. As Peter and I discussed for the podcast, there's still a lot of room to grow here. I mentioned to Peter that I thought press releases would have been a good, and popular, project to cover as well. (Update: I know Peter's been putting some thought into this. I may even assist with a press release module down the road.)

The Verdict

Would I recommend Well-Fed Craft to freelance writers interested in commercial writing?

Here's who I would recommend this course to:

  • New freelance writers who are interested in commercial / business writing
  • Journalists or content writers looking to move into freelancing for corporate or even small business clients
  • Existing copywriters who want to expand their service offerings and want to learn about new project types or get a better grasp of the fundamentals

Long story short, if you want to launch or grow a freelance commercial writing business, this course is an excellent place to start, and Peter Bowerman is one of very few people I'd personally trust and recommend to you when it comes to this area of freelancing.

Get Access to Well-Fed Craft Today!

While the re-release of Well-Fed Craft might not be a limited-time only deal, you will get a special bonus if you order the course before 10 p.m. EST on Friday, July 7th: A 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Peter! You choose a time and topic, and he'll chat with you about your personal business concerns. That's a $75 value for free just for acting quickly!

What are you waiting for? You can learn commercial writing from one of the best with nearly 5 hours of modules, a .pdf sample collection, and -- if you order before the deadline -- a bonus one-on-one coaching session with Peter himself! For just $297, Well-Fed Craft is a bargain that will pay for itself several times over!