Pets in the Workplace

I love my cats. I really do. But today I was reminded of why I don't like having pets in my workplace. But first, here are the little brats:

I converted about a third of my bedroom into an office years ago. I sleep in there for hours. I work in there for hours. I don't let the cats in there. You know how cats can be -- they hate closed doors. They sometimes sit outside the door scratching until I come out to play with them for a while (not sure what they'd do if I were actually out at a normal 9-5 all day and not able to give in to their occasional whims).

Today I decided to let them in. I'd just reorganized things, so I figured "hey, there's not much they can do to cause trouble now, right?" Oh, how wrong I was.

It was like an adventure. They spent a while exploring everything. Under the bed. On top of the bed. Trying to scale the back of my office chair. Hanging from a set of shelves. If they could get to something, they did. I expected that though, and I figured once they got it out of their system they'd be fine and they'd calm down. They did, but not before one decided to walk under my desk. She stepped on the surge protector's power button turning it off (and therefore disconnecting me from the internet and shutting down my desktop). It wouldn't have been too bad had I not been editing my business site online via WordPress at the time.

Lovely. I'm letting them stay in for now. Now that they've caused as much trouble as they can (I hope), they've decided to curl up for a nap (they've never been in here since I got the new bed a few months ago, so even that is new and exciting for them apparently). In the end though, I think today is the first, and last, day I want pets in the workplace this year. Having to keep a constant eye on them to keep them out of trouble is simply too much of a distraction.

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2 thoughts on “Pets in the Workplace”

  1. You do realise, don’t you, that your ginger one knows exactly how much trouble the two of them have been causing, and is delighting in the fact..?

    I know cats too well 😉

    • Oh yeah, he’s my little monster. That photo was taken months ago, but that look on his face remains. lol He’s a complete brat. He wants what he wants and he wants it right now. If you don’t give it to him, he’ll start knocking things over or bolting back and forth making a racket until you pay attention to him. It’s ridiculous. And then if you yell at him he yells back. I’ve never known a cat with quite so much personality (or energy)! I keep hoping he’ll mellow out when he’s a bit older, but so far he’s staying hyper longer than most cats I’ve had. He’s probably between 2 and 2 1/2 now. And his name, not that it matters, is Tubs (due to his distended belly when he was a stray before I took him in — the girl is Baby Eyes b/c she was “the baby with the eye” when she was a stray kitten — basically lost most of one eye as a baby so she’s half-blind).


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