Do you know what your "perfect day" looks like? Those are the days when you achieve far more than you might normally expect, where you feel good and rested but still productive. They're the days that don't leave you feeling drained. They're the days that leave you wanting more.

I know what my "perfect day" looks like because I've lived it plenty of times. And I've experimented quite a bit with my schedule to find out what works best. Have you done that yet? Have you looked for ways to rearrange and re-prioritize your time to see if you can get more done in less time and have more time for things that really matter to you?

Your "perfect day" probably won't be an everyday thing. Mine certainly doesn't work out that way. But knowing what your ideal day looks like can help you make small changes that let you make better use of your time. So this week's quick tip is simple: experiment with your schedule. Try something different. Find out how, and when, you work best and try to adjust as much of your schedule as you can to fit that plan.

Your "perfect day" goes beyond work though. Figure out the best balance for your life -- family, friends, work, hobbies, housework, errands, and downtime for yourself. Then try to live that "perfect day" at least every once in a while to recharge and re-motivate yourself.

Let me share my "perfect day" with you.

My "Perfect Day"

My alarm goes off at 4:00 a.m., waking me with peaceful chimes. I get myself ready to face the day, and then I wrap myself in a rope and slip on some fuzzy slippers before making my way downstairs.

I head straight for the coffee maker and brew a cup, or maybe an entire pot. I whip up some eggs and veggies and take it, and my coffee, back to my office where I settle in for the morning.

I usually move on from there, opening email and checking social media accounts through breakfast before it's time to get to my real work -- writing.

Then it's Pomodoro time. Twenty five minutes on my first blog post, article, or larger project of the day. Then a short break to stretch my legs, and probably refill my coffee. Then another twenty five minutes. After four of these blitz sessions, it's time for a longer break -- perfect for a quick walk or workout, play time with the pup, or a short meditation or deep breathing session to chill out before another round of work.

The Pomodoros continue until it's around noon, when my typical perfect work day ends and my time begins. That's for errands, gardening, lounging by a pool, DIY projects around the house, going for a drive just for the hell of it -- whatever strikes my fancy that day or needs to be done. No matter what I'm doing, the point of working early hours is that I have several daylight hours to spend on me.

When my hubby gets home in the late afternoon, he usually gets into work of his own (he runs a business part-time after his day job). I might bum around on the couch, make dinner, play games, or even take a short nap during this time. Then we have dinner together and, depending on the day, we might catch up on an episode of a favorite show or watch a movie together. And then it's time to curl up with some good books before bed.

Do most of my days look like this? Absolutely not. In fact, I have a bad tendency to save my Pomodoro timer for "crunch time" days when I'm struggling to stay motivated, even though it works wonders on any old work day. But the closer my days come to looking like this, the more I tend to get done, the better I tend to feel, and the more I tend to look forward to the next day.

Now tell me -- what does your perfect day look like? If you had nothing pulling you in other directions and you had full control over your schedule, what would it look like? When would you start and finish work? When would you get some downtime to unwind? How would you keep your energy up and your mind focused?

If you don't know the answers to those questions, try to figure it out. Test different options. And look for ways to make your everyday life look as much like a "perfect day" as possible.

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