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Quick Tip: Promote Your Writing With a Monthly Marketing Calendar

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Here's a quick tip about how you can more effectively promote your writing every month, whether that means marketing your freelance writing services, your books, or your blogs.

Use a monthly marketing calendar.

What's the Point of a Monthly Marketing Calendar?

A monthly marketing calendar gives you an easy way to keep all of your marketing information on one handy sheet of paper. I have an example that you can download below. On it, you can track:

  • Your marketing goals for the month
  • Your key marketing tactics that will help you reach your goals
  • "Other opportunities" to keep in mind, such as holidays, seasonal events, or special days, weeks, or months that you can plan marketing angles around

There is also a section for any extra notes you might have, such as project-specific details. And of course there's the calendar itself. This is where you take all of those tactics and special events and work them into a schedule.

By mapping out your marketing activities in a monthly calendar, you get a birds-eye view of your marketing campaigns. This can help you stay on track. And it can help you juggle things if you need to make schedule changes at the last minute.

Download a copy below or create something similar that works for you.


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