Today's reader question comes from Leigh Schrom:

"Where do you locate publications that accept freelance work? Is the "Writer's Market" the best source?"

Writer's Market is source, and certainly a place you can start. But while it looks extensive as far as writer's market directories go, the markets there still only represent a small portion of publications that work with freelance writers. And because most writers are aware of it, you'll likely run into increased competition with publications featured there.

One suggestion I frequently give to new writers is to look beyond market directories for writers, and instead turn to larger media databases. You can learn more about that, and get a few options to start with, in my previous post, Quick Tip: Use Media Directories to Find Freelance Writing Clients.

Not only will some of these outlets have less competition, but you can also find highly-focused niche publications in your specialty area that you might not come across anywhere else. The same is true of local and regional publications, which can be great places to build your first few clips.

If you're interested in writing for online publications in addition to print ones, also conduct some of your own searches within your specialty area. New ones pop up all the time, so you won't necessarily find them in market directories.

Do you have any other suggestions for Leigh? Where did you find your first few publications to pitch as a freelance writer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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