Setting 2011 Goals and Resolutions

We talked a lot about goals for your freelance writing career this week. And as promised I'm going to share my yearly list. Below you can find my preliminary list of goals and New Year's resolutions for my business (freelancing as well as my own sites and projects). I may add to the list between now and the end of this year, and I might cut or add some others during next year's evaluations. But this is the starting point.

As I also mentioned in our previous posts, I set ambitious goal lists. I also don't expect to reach every one of them. It's all about prioritizing and pushing yourself to find out what your limits really are. So along those lines, you'll also see a number after each goal, 1-3. Goals numbered 1 are the highest priority. Goals numbered 3 are lowest priority goals.

Freelance Career - General

  1. Earn $15-20k more in 2011 than in 2010.  - 1
  2. Release at least five new products for sale (mostly e-books -- across all sites I run).  - 2
  3. Get published in a print magazine with my byline (as opposed to past ghostwriting for trades). - 3
  4. Launch a new LLC for Web publishing and indie book publishing ventures (branding already secured). - 3


  1. Release the marketing workbook for the Web Writer's Guide e-book series. - 2
  2. Release a writer's yearly planner for that same series. - 3
  3. Release 2-3 short e-books for sale on my small business blog. - 3
  4. Create a plan and schedule for the next five e-books in the WWG series. - 1


  1. Edit the first draft of The Query-Free Freelancer, including any additional interviews, research, and sidebar material if any sections seem lacking.  - 1
  2. Hire a freelance editor to do an independent edit of The Query-Free Freelancer. - 1
  3. Hire a designer to put together cover concepts for The Query-Free Freelancer. - 2
  4. Choose a printer for The Query-Free Freelancer - 2
  5. Finalize a book marketing plan for The Query-Free Freelancer. - 2
  6. Outline and draft first book in a new mystery series. - 1
  7. Outline and draft second book in a new mystery series. - 2
  8. Outline and draft third book in a new mystery series. - 3
  9. Edit the first novel in the mystery series.  - 1
  10. Prepare a proposal for the mystery series and pitch publishers. - 2
  11. Outline a second nonfiction book under The Query-Free Freelancer brand. - 2
  12. Draft at least one children's book (four outlined). This is something I've always wanted to do, studied formally, and want to finally move on. I don't expect more than one rough draft in 2011 though. - 3

All Freelance Writing

  1. Launch the Web comic series. - 2
  2. Launch an animated series based on the Web comic. - 3
  3. Release a game based on the Web comic and animated series. - 3
  4. Launch my new solo freelance writing podcast series. - 3
  5. Launch a podcast series for freelance writers. - 3
  6. Reach 50% more pageviews in one month than our goal for 2010. - 1
  7. Release 6 free forms and templates for freelance writers. - 2
  8. Release 3 free WordPress themes - 3
  9. Release an industry survey and report. - 3
  10. Release a second planned "report" for the freelance writing industry (details at launch). - 2
  11. Add a new and improved professional freelance marketplace to replace our current system. - 1
  12. Add at least 150 new listings to our writer's market directory. - 1
  13. Launch a new community area on the site where we can revive the book club and freelance fitness, among other features that didn't necessarily work with the blog format of AFW. - 2

Other Sites and Blogs

  1. Resume semi-regular posting on my educational blog. - 3
  2. Post at least 30 times at (I have two other writers heading up the content on a more regular basis there). - 2
  3. Launch (covering indie music, indie publishing, indie film, and independent workers). - 1
  4. Launch an indie publishing blog (mostly for covering first-hand experiences in more depth than I'll do here).
  5. Merge old posts into after launch. - 1
  6. Come up with plans for launches on at least 5 of my unused, registered domain names. - 2

I know it might look like a lot, but I'm simply someone who likes to have a plan. Knowing what I want to get done early lets me set up a schedule to accomplish as much as I can. But what about you? Big list or small list, what kinds of goals are you setting for yourself in the New Year?

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Jenn also writes fiction under multiple pen names and is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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3 thoughts on “Setting 2011 Goals and Resolutions”

  1. “If I expected to finish all three in one year (writing, several rounds of editing, etc.) I’d be nuts.”

    Yeah, who do you think you are?! Stephen King? LOL

    Once again your post comes perfectly timed. I’m beginning to start my goals for 2011, basically the first time I’ve ever done them. Business took off like a rocket in Jan/Feb of this year and then almost completely dried up. It’s been a rough year. So I’m not going to fly by the seat of my pants anymore. Time to put some goals and concrete plans in place. Thanks as always for the inspiration.


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