How Writing is Central to Your Blog’s Social Media Success

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your blog. And when you think about social media, you might think of networking and community as the most important aspects. If so, you would be right.

That said, good writers will always have an edge in professional social networking and social media marketing. That's because so much of social media these days still involves the written word.

Let's look at a few ways your writing can directly impact your blog's social media success, so you can better understand the importance of improving your writing to promote your blog.


If you use microblogging services like Twitter to build your network, interact with readers, and promote your blog, your writing skills can be vital. That's because your space is limited.

You're forced to be concise. You only have 140 characters, in the case of Twitter, to get your points across. Improve your writing skills, and you'll have an easier time doing that.

Social Networks

If you use larger social networks like Google +, Facebook, and LinkedIn, again much of your networking will be done through writing. You might share updates about your blog or business. You'll share, and potentially comment on, the writing of others. You might answer questions from your fellow bloggers.

The more competent you appear in front of your network on a regular basis, the more likely they are to want to check out your blog. And you have a better chance of gaining their trust.

Your Blog Itself

The best social media tool for promoting your blog is your blog itself. Blogging is a part of social media. Not only do you write posts, but you'll interact with your readers in the comments on a regular basis.

More importantly, the quality of your blog posts will impact every other element of your social media marketing strategy. If your content doesn't measure up to what readers expect, they have no reason to share it in the first place.

These are just a few examples of where your writing comes into play in social media marketing. As you can see, writing plays an important role. How else might your writing skills impact your social media efforts? Tell me about your experiences in the comments.

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Jennifer Mattern is a professional blogger, freelance business writer, consultant, and indie author. She runs numerous websites & blogs including All Freelance Writing, Freelance Writing Pros, NakedPR, and Kiss My Biz.

Jenn has 25 years' experience as a professional writer and editor and over 20 years' experience in marketing and PR (working heavily in digital PR, online marketing, social media, SEO, new media, and thought leadership publication). She also has 19 years' professional blogging and web publishing experience (including web development) and around 18 years of experience as an indie author / publisher.

Jenn also writes fiction under multiple pen names and is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association.

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    • I love it too Anne, even though I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like sometimes. Then again, that’s why I love it! If I only have 2 minutes to spare, even that’s enough to read a few updates and see what’s going on. I can’t do that with blogs, where I could be caught up reading posts and comments for a half hour easy. 🙂


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