Here's another question from Latoya of Writers Brew:


What tips do you have for creating a referral system using existing clients?


I can't say that I've ever set up a referral "system" with my existing clients. I'm a big believer in natural referrals whenever possible... they just carry more weight. My clients are happy with my work, and they refer me to their friends, colleagues, and even their own clients or customers.

But if you wanted to be more aggressive about it, there are certainly things you can do:

  1. If you work with local clients, try my recent tip on using business cards to get referrals.
  2. You could offer them some kind of reward system reminiscent of an affiliate program. As an example, maybe for every five new clients they refer to you, they'll get a free article or whatever it is that they're buying from you to begin with.
  3. You can get their referrals a little more indirectly by asking select clients to offer testimonials, which you can feature on your site or portfolio.

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