I have a habit of taking on quite a few writing-related projects at once. I'm a blogger and freelance business writer for my clients. I run numerous websites and blogs of my own. And I write books and e-books. There never seems to be enough time in my work days, and lately I've found myself putting in extra hours far too often -- something I usually try hard to avoid.

As a result, I've had to find ways to scale back some projects, or at least the amount of my personal attention they each need. I'm still putting some of these things into place, so only time will tell if it works out as planned. But here are some of those plans for those writers who might find themselves in similar situations.

  • Some of the sites I planned to launch this year will wait.Β 
  • Other sites I planned to launch this year will launch in a different format -- static sites with up front content rather than regularly-updated blogs for example.
  • Some of my blogs in similar niches will be merged to cut down on the number of posts I have to write regularly (and to cut down on updates, design work, and administration issues).
  • I've had to re-work my three year publishing plan, pushing some shorter projects up and moving some longer works further down the pipeline.
  • I'm taking on fewer new clients (as I'm moving from freelance work to full-time Web, book, and e-book publishing over time).
  • I'm letting my contributors handle the content on several smaller sites, where I'll either stop personally writing posts or I'll cut back significantly.

That's not to say I won't have plenty of things going on. For example, I still have three separate business-related websites that I need to maintain. Fortunately those don't involve frequent updates. This blog will stick around, although there will be some branding changes in the future. My small business blog will stay, and I'll try to update there at least weekly in addition to the other contributors. I have three pen names for my fiction writing work and each of those names has its own site / blog I have to manage and update (although they won't be updated as frequently as some other blogs). And I still have quite a few projects in the works under those pen names like a children's book that's written and soon ready for edits, a short story series in one genre, and a novel-in-progress in another genre.

Things won't be any less busy. They'll just be more focused on my core projects and Web properties. For example, I'll have more time to write for key blogs, guest post elsewhere, work on new features and products, and to handle more thorough marketing and PR campaigns. I'm also hoping it will allow me to enjoy my work a bit more rather than getting so overwhelming.

It's funny how that happens sometimes. We can love our jobs and still be overwhelmed in them. And when that happens, we have to take the reigns and get things back on track. Things are going well. But I want them to go even better. These changes are designed to help me do that.

What about you? Do you ever feel like you're taking so much on that you don't see as much progress as you'd like on specific projects? If that's happened to you, what did you do about it? Did you work more? Did you cut back? A bit of both? Tell me about it in the comments.

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