As the day quickly passes by, I realize that I've spent most of it staring out the two huge windows that sit in front of my desk. The snow has been falling since the early morning hours, and I've watched it go from a dusting to at least half a foot so far.

I love watching the snow fall. It's one of the things I love most about freelancing. I don't have to worry about a treacherous commute. I don't even have to shovel the snow. If I wanted to, I could sit inside, sipping hot cocoa and watching the snow fall all day. And today that's exactly what I did.

In light of this semi-"lazy" day, I don't have any particular insights to share about the writing life. Instead I'd like to kick back and enjoy the perks freelancing has to offer. Here are some aspects of freelance work that most appeal to me.


The view in front of our house on a snow day. Hot cocoa. Warm slippers. Hardly a care in the world.


Freelancing lets me enjoy all the cuteness my "fur children" have to offer. Sophie (our white cat) has claimed Aggie (our pup) as her own. She constantly snuggle-bombs her while she tries to sleep. One reason I went into business for myself was to have a stable business at home before I had kids. These little ones offer plenty of distraction for now.



Having plenty of books and a comfortable place to read is a wonderful perk of freelancing. And yes. I know the shelves look bare. This photo was taken when we had to thin them out when we put the house on the market. I'm happy to say most of the books are unpacked again and shelves are pretty full. And we have only a dozen or so more boxes of books to unpack. With these and my husband's shelves pretty full, we're still trying to figure out where to put them all. You can never have enough books!

Charles Island Milford, CT

Another thing I love about freelancing is the freedom. Because I'm able to take off on Fridays, long weekends are much easier to take. I took this photo on a small island off a Connecticut town my husband and I try to visit each year. Mini getaways are sometimes more relaxing than full-fledged vacations because we can just pick up and go without a lot of planning.

What about you? Why do you love freelancing? Time with family and friends? Being able to sleep in? Having flexibility that allows you to pursue other interests? Are you enjoying a snowy day today too, or does snow still mean a lot of extra work for you? Tell us what you love most in the comments below.

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