Why Timing Matters When Marketing Your Book or E-book

Time really is money when it comes to choosing the best time to publish your book or e-book. If you time your book's release well, you can get more publicity and build more sales. Here are some of the reasons why the timing of your book or e-book's release can be important in your book marketing efforts:

  • You can take advantage of industry issues in the news for some added oomph for your news angle / pitch. Not only that, but if your book is actually about a newsworthy event, waiting too long after the fact can severely hurt your sales potential (not to mention pitch potential with publishers before it's finished).
  • You can time a book during certain buying seasons that you book may be relevant to (back to school, Christmas, etc.).
  • You can time your release in a way that gives you a competitive advantage (getting press just before your competitors' big selling period to draw attention to your own work).
  • You can more effectively manage your pre-launch book marketing and publicity campaign when your release is planned well in advance.

Choosing your launch date (if you have a say in the matter) is just as important as any other component of your book marketing plan. Invest your time in market research to find out when the best time to release your book might be.

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1 thought on “Why Timing Matters When Marketing Your Book or E-book”

  1. I wish more people would understand this…Time is a greater investestment than money, and timing is crucial in everything in life…

    I could never grasp the difference on why the movie industry spends millions to market their movies for that one opening weekend, but publishers in the book industry who spend big money on their books, the release date is hardly mentioned, or played upon…makes no sense especially since people can pre order books…


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