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If you're a blogger, you probably get more than your fair share of blog comment spam. This can include anything from robots to bad SEO professionals spamming you for backlinks to trackback spam.

You have a few options to deal with them:

You can let them go live on your site. (Ick!)

You can moderate all comments manually.  (But why?)

You can implement intrusive captcha-style spam prevention. (You know, that's the hard to read scrambled letter mishmosh thing that annoys the hell out of pretty much everyone.)

Or you can use a "cleaner" WordPress anti-spam plugin that gets the heck out of the way and lets your visitors comment easily while eliminating spam invisibly behind the scenes.

"Clean" WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin Options

If you use WordPress, you're probably familiar with Akismet. I used it for years, thinking it was fantastic. Then I found out some readers' comments weren't getting through. They weren't being filtered into my spam folder either. They weren't getting to me at all. While I can't say if they still have this issue, I decided then and there to leave Akismet behind.

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I moved on to another popular WordPress anti-spam plugin. It wasn't completely invisible to readers, but it was still better than using a captcha. The problem? Several months ago I noticed a huge increase in spam. We're talking about hundreds of spam messages getting through to the moderation queue. Every. Single. Day. (I only moderate first comments, which helps prevent things like this.) It was happening to others using this plugin too.

It appeared that some spammer automated attacks against users with this plugin installed. But it also seemed to be filtering attacked sites in some way (out of more than a dozen sites where it was installed, only my sites above a certain PageRank were targeted). Nothing was done about it, so I had to move on again.

That's when I came across this little lovely -- Anti-Spam by Webvitaly. (The name couldn't get any clearer than that, right?) I installed the plugin here, and Hallelujah!, those hundreds of daily spam comments stopped immediately.

Better yet, I don't even have to clean out my spam box every day anymore because these aren't filtered there. They never get through in the first place. I've since installed the plugin on all of my other active blogs and, like magic, I've saved a good 20-30 minutes a day not dealing with the mess the last plugin attracted.

So if you ever find that your WordPress blog is being slammed by automated spam, please check out this anti-spam plugin. We could all use one less headache when it comes to managing our blogs.

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