A Writers Worth Month Round-up

Writer's Worth Month 2015

Did you miss any of last month's Writers Worth Month posts over on Lori Widmer's Words on the Page blog? No worries. You can find links to all posts in the series below.

Check out Lori's site in general. She offers great advice to newer writers all year long. I'm a particular fan of her "This Job, Not That Job" series where she highlights lousy advertised freelance writing jobs and then shows writers a comparable listing they could find with just a little more digging.

Writers Worth Month Posts - 2015

  1. 101 Best Blog Posts for Your Freelance Writing Career - by Lori Widmer
  2. Finding Your Ideal Client - by Ashley Festa
  3. Where Your Value Lies - by Lori Widmer
  4. Think You Don't Do Enough? - by Anne Wayman
  5. My A-Ha Moment - by Lori Widmer
  6. A Work in Progress - by Cathy Miller
  7. What's the Actual Rate? - by Paula Hendrickson
  8. Taking Tough Love - by Lori Widmer
  9. Content Mills, Desperation, and More Effective Freelance Marketing [Audio Post / Chat between Lori Widmer and me]
  10. Ending the Waiting Game - by Lori Widmer
  11. Why Real Writers Cost Money (and Why They Are Worth It) - by Sharon Hurley Hall
  12. Hanging On and Letting Go - by Rick Schindler
  13. Building Trust - by Lori Widmer
  14. Showing Confidence to Clients - by Alicia Rades
  15. The $100k Myth - by Lori Widmer
  16. Freelance Writing Careers Dos and Don'ts - by Ashley Festa
  17. Realign Your Values - by Lori Widmer
  18. A Defining Moment in a Freelance Career - by Cathy Miller
  19. How to Change the Writing Conversation About What Your Writing is Worth - by Sharon Hurley Hall
  20. Everything's Relative - by Cathy Miller
  21. Writing Success Your Way - by Anne Wayman

If this is your first experience with Lori's annual Writers Worth Month event, make sure you come back next year. She accepts contributions from writers at all levels, so contact her if you have a story you'd like to share.

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  1. Thanks, Jenn. I appreciate both this round-up and your contributions to the cause! We had some fantastic posts this year, and yours were spot on.


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