A few weeks back, I showed everybody how to become more comfortable with cold calling. I strongly believe this to be an efficient and effective way to land new clients while introducing yourself to businesses on a more personal level.

Cold calling is not for everybody. If you decide to give it a try, make sure you are doing everything right from the start.

Here are three cold calling mistakes to avoid:

1. Not using a script. If you are new to cold calling, you need a script to help you through any rough spots. You don’t have to read “word for word.” Instead, you want to use this as a point of reference during different parts of your conversation.

2. Giving up after hearing no a few times. Don’t be surprised if you have to make 50+ calls before somebody gives you time to explain what you have to offer. In short, cold calling is a numbers game. If somebody screams at you, move on. If somebody hangs up on you, move on. Keep moving forward until you find somebody who is interested.

3. On again off again marketing. Just like any form of marketing, you need to be consistent. Don’t make five calls today, three calls tomorrow, and no calls for the following few weeks. Set goals for yourself, such as 15 calls per day, and stick with it no matter what it takes.

Have you made these cold calling mistakes in the past? If so, avoid them in the future to better your chance of success.

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