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How To Stay Motivated As A Freelance Writer

I had a really strange few days this past week. I’ve taken on some new work, streamlined my current projects so I can take most weekends off and started to jot down ideas for the book I’ve been trying to write for a while. I should have been ecstatic, but instead I found it particularly difficult to get – and stay – motivated. I don’t … read more

How To Expand Your Freelance Writing Business By Networking With Other Writers

I’m naturally a bit of a reclusive person.  I enjoy working with others and socialising with groups of friends, but I tend to find that if I can do something by myself rather than with others, I generally will. Since being a freelance writer, however, one of the most important points I’ve learnt  is that networking with other writers is key to developing your writing … read more

How To Find Free Stock Photos For Your Freelance Writing Blog

Since early 2010, I’ve been hired to create a lot of photo blog posts.  I don’t know whether it’s something that other people are experiencing or that for some reason it’s just my workload that’s consisting of this type of work, but I really enjoy creating them. One of the most time consuming parts, however, is actually finding photos that can be used.  I occasionally … read more

How To Promote Your Freelance Writing Blog Using Social Media

Last week I mentioned that I was moving away from more traditional construction DIY projects and focusing on those that could have an actual impact upon your freelance writing business. Starting with how to install a WordPress theme on your freelance writing blog last week, this week we’re going to take an introductory look into how to promote your freelance writing blog using 5 different … read more

How To Install A WordPress Theme On Your Freelance Writing Blog

For the past few months in this series, I’ve been focusing on more practical DIY projects; things that would be considered to be traditionally ‘Do-It-Yourself’. I’m making a bit of a change from now on and am going to start  looking at DIY projects that are less focused on building and construction and look more at aspects that will benefit your actual freelance writing business. … read more